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Shrink your bin and save

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Order your small bin online

Supporting residents to reduce waste and offset costs

Council will support residents to reduce their household waste, and the cost to their hip pocket in response to increased waste charges resulting from the current global recycling crisis.

Residents will be encouraged to shrink the size of their bin and save on the cost of their 2018/2019 Waste charge.

Bayside Mayor, Cr Laurence Evans said the global recycling crisis has had a $3 million impact to Council in 2017/18 and 2018/19 and will result in a significant increase in the waste levy paid by residents.

“The increase in the waste levy is an unavoidable consequence of keeping recyclables from being sent to landfill,” Cr Evans said.

Bayside City Council previously budgeted to receive around $500,000 through its recycling contracts.

“With the global recycling crisis starting to crunch, Bayside is facing a loss of recycling revenue compounded by cost increases that are higher than many other Councils,” Cr Evans said.

Bayside will now pay around $1.7 million per year in recycling processing costs. This will see the service charge for the standard 140 litre waste bin increase by $92.75 in 2018/19 to a total of $324.55 as outlined in Council’s draft Budget 2018/19.

Cr Evans said Council acknowledges that this will be a shock to some residents, particularly those on fixed incomes, and that Council will be supporting residents to reduce their household waste which will take the pressure off the cost of their waste charges.

“Our data indicates that over half of what our residents put into their waste bins is food waste, much of which is avoidable with greater waste awareness and changes to household purchasing behaviour,” Cr Evans said.

“Over the coming year Council will be focusing on food waste education programs to support residents to reduce their food waste and encourage more residents to use Council’s cheaper 80 litre waste bin.

“Moving to the cheaper, smaller bin will offer residents a $78 saving to households through a reduced waste levy.”

Apart from its smaller size, selecting the 80 litre waste bin option has no other impact on resident’s weekly kerbside waste services.

Residents interested in selecting the smaller bin option and saving $78 per year can do so by visiting www.bayside.vic.gov.au/shrinkmybin or by calling Council on 9599 4444.

Thursday, 17 May, 2018

We’ve had a really fantastic response to our Shrink your Bin campaign, so much so that we’ve had to order more bins.

Over the next four to six weeks we’ll be gradually replacing bins so please continue to use your current bin as you usually do.

The only thing that we need you to do is to leave your bin out for an extra day each time you put it out for collection.  This means that when we do come around to replace your bin we’ll be able to collect your old bin.

When your new bin arrives it will have your street number on it (and be smaller) so you’ll know it’s yours.

Regardless of when your bin is delivered, you will still receive the discount on your rates.

Thank you for your patience and we apologise for any inconvenience.