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Simple actions creating significant change

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Take 3 is leading a global movement connecting people to the planet by inspiring participation in three simple actions; pick up three pieces of rubbish when leaving the beach, bush, or city, you are making a difference.

This simple action is addressing complex problems. The ocean provides us with the oxygen we breathe and the climate that sustains us, we need a healthy ocean for our own survival. 

So if you are in the mountains, bush, desert or cities, pick up three piece of rubbish as you leave, no matter where you are in the world.  Find out more here.

Join a group

You may also like to connect with like minded people that are members of one of four of Beach Patrol groups that Council supports; the Hampton Love Our Streets group, and the Friends of Bayside Roads. Beach Patrol and Love Our Streets groups meet once a month to pick-up litter from our streets and foreshore.

Friends of Bayside Roads operates under the umbrella of the Friends of Bayside Environment Network (BEFN), working to remove litter from our city. Our volunteers patrol each side of about two kilometres of roadside once or twice a week. Follow the link to discover more.