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Smoking Ban - Have your say

Thursday, January 9, 2020

"The marine life suffers because people leave their cigarette butts on the beach, which is then washed into the bay."

This was one of the comments we have received so far on the proposed smoking ban on Bayside’s beaches. Others include:

Smoking is not illegal and they should not be made to feel like a criminal. I don’t smoke nor does my partner but we both support their rights to smoke.”

“It’s about time that smoking is banned on our beaches. My family and I visit Dendy Street beach every week and the number of cigarette butts left behind is utterly disgraceful.”

“I am concerned about the cost of policing this. I see little other choice than to charge ratepayers, which I certainly would oppose.”

“Smoking ban should include vaping.”

“I think the ban is wonderful and well overdue. My husband and I clean beaches with the local Beach Patrol community group, and the over-abundance of cigarette butts are a scourge on the aesthetic of the beach, but more importantly, for the marine and other wildlife who ingest them.”

“Need to allow areas near/car parks etc for the smokers as they will still exist.

“Smoking in an open space should not be restricted……We have enough nanny state behaviour in Victoria.”

“I personally don’t like it as I have asthma which flares up around smoke so I am often forced to leave the beach.”

“Cigarette taxes are aimed directly at the working class and your further demonization of nicotine addicts shows a huge disconnect from your seat behind a desk and the men and women aren’t as educated as you.”

“As a volunteer lifesaver I am disgusted by the amount of people who litter their cigarette butts on the beach. People smoking near or between the flags also forces other beach users, especially with children and at risk swimmers, away from the flags. This puts them into a dangerous position where we cannot see them and therefore increases their risk or drowning at the beach.”

 “According to quit.org 12.8% of adults smoke so 87.2% are non-smokers, so the amenity of the beach to the non-smoking majority of beach users is unquestionable.”

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with what others have said? Let us know what you think on our website bayside.vic.gov.au/haveyoursay

Fish with cigarette butt