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So you think you can recycle?

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

In celebration of National Recycling Week, here’s some recycling tips you might not already know:

  • Think recycling in the bathroom - many items can go into the blue recycling bin including empty deodorant (aerosols and roll-on), medicines, hair products, cosmetics and toilet rolls
  • Recycle products with lids on or off – it doesn’t matter
  • The Bayside Council Corporate Centre accepts domestic volumes of soft plastics for recycling as well as fluorescent tubes, light globes, household batteries, DVDs, CDs, VHS tapes and mobile phones
  • The Bayside Waste and Recycling Centre takes household paint tins up to 20 litres, household batteries, fluorescent tubes, car batteries and LPG gas bottles for recycling at no cost
  • Plastic bags are the biggest contaminants in kerbside recycling. Don’t put recyclables in plastic bags - throw them in loose!
  • Use your green waste bin - recycled green waste is mulched and used in the Victorian agricultural industry.

You can now access a range of waste and recycling services 24/7 online including:

  • Find your bin day
  • Report a missed kerbside bin
  • Report a damaged, stolen or missing bin
  • Register for green waste collection
  • Book a hard waste collection.

Find out more at Waste and Recycling.