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Switch your beach parking permit today

Monday, October 30, 2017

Slip, slop and slap on your free beach parking permit sticker today.

To enjoy three years of hassle free, foreshore parking simply slip off the blue sticker, that expired on 31 October, and slap on the new white circle sticker.

Local laws officers have been visiting beach car parks in the last few weeks, tucking friendly reminders under the windscreen wipers of cars yet to make the change.

And Black Rock Lifesaving club’s Les Rudas is also helping to spread the word to beach goers.

Each household received two white stickers, valid for three years, with their rates notice in August - more can be purchased at Council.

To be valid the parking permit must be displayed inside the vehicle on the bottom corner of the passenger side of the front windscreen

Renters? No worries.  Each renting household in Bayside is still eligible for two free Beach Parking Permits but you will need to apply online Beach parking permits

Permits are transferable.

If you are changing cars simply peel it off and place it in the same location in your new car.

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Black Rock lifesaver with Bayside local laws officer