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Think twice before feeding

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Feeding birds in your garden or local parks can cause problems for both birds and neighbours.

Feeding can cause unseen problems such as malnutrition, disease and unbalanced populations of some bird species. Without adequate nutrition, birds can suffer from brittle bones, feather loss and abnormal growth rates.

Large numbers of birds attracted by food can also affect neighbours, with damage to houses and yards from droppings in particular.

Council’s local law prohibits bird feeding where it is a nuisance to other residents. Council can intervene following complaints however residents are encouraged to speak to their neighbours when bird feeding is affecting them.

We recommend not feeding birds however if residents wish to do so, seed bells and very small amounts of bird food can be used.

To attract birds to your garden consider installing nest boxes or a bird bath. Birds of all kinds love to drink and bathe in fresh water. Keeping it clean and topped up will help to attract a variety of feathered friends.

Our website includes a range of ideas to attract birds and other wildlife to your garden. Read more

If you need help to work through a neighbourhood issue, contact the Dispute Settlement Centre for free assistance. Call 1300 372 888 or visit www.disputes.vic.gov.au baysid

birds eating bread