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Thomas Street Reserve redevelopment

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

We’ve incorporated your feedback and finalised the plans for the new all-ages, all-abilities playground at Thomas Street Reserve in Hampton.

Redevelopment plans include an inclusive, medieval-themed playground; BBQs; shelters; an accessible toilet with adult changing facilities; a seniors’ exercise area; landscaping; and a 500m circuit path. The playground has been specifically designed to ensure that children of any ability have a range of different experiences to explore.

The consultation process was very comprehensive and we thank the Community Reference Group; key stakeholders; neighbours to the reserve; local schools, Bambini Early Learning Centre; disability groups; and the general community for their enthusiastic and diligent input which has produced an amazing outcome and we can’t wait to get started!

Playground designer Ric Mc Conaghy said that the initial concept plans were developed in consultation with the community and were then massaged and changed with further consultation throughout the process:

“I sat down with local children and asked them to draw me their vision. I spoke to parents of children living with disability to really understand their issues. During drop-in consultation sessions in the park, we heard the concerns of neighbours and made adjustments,” explained Ric.

“I feel the final plan is representative of a broad cross-section of the community. You will never be able to please everyone but I feel we got damn close,” said Ric.

The main objective of the playground was that it be truly inclusive and enable children of all abilities to play together.

The playground will include a wide range of activities and equipment that all children, including children in a wheelchair, can enjoy. Wheelchair accessible items include:

  • in-ground wheelchair trampolines
  • castle – the ground floor includes discovery, communication and dexterity elements
  • Swayfun - rocking boat that can accommodate a person in a wheelchair with friends
  • carousel
  • flying fox (fitted with harness clip)
  • sandpit
  • musical area – including sound pads in the paving to roll over
  • eyrie - ground floor activities
  • circuit path
  • boardwalk through casuarinas.

The finalised plans will now progress to the design documentation phase.  The project will then go to a competitive tender process to select a contractor to demolish the old playground and build the new one. Construction is scheduled to commence in late 2020 and be completed in early- mid 2021

For more detail about the project, including updated Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), please visit our website.