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Tulip Street Pond refilled

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Tulip Street Pond has been refilled and brought back to life as part of a new sustainable initiative from Bayside City Council’s Open Space and City Assets and Projects teams.

On Sunday 22 December, the Sandringham Family Leisure Centre pool was drained for routine maintenance. Normally the pool water is discharged into the stormwater system, however this time, Council officers were determined to find a more sustainable process. 

Image of pipe from pool

Tulip Street Pond is located in the small reserve adjacent to the Sandringham Leisure Centre near the intersection with Reserve Road. Normally the pond is naturally filled by storm water however the pond was completely dry due to the recent lack of rainfall.

Council saw an opportunity to recycle the pool-water into Tulip Street Pond so did an ecological fauna and flora study to determine whether the pool water would be suitable for the pond environment.

Image of water filling pond

The Friends of Native Wildlife group were consulted regarding the proposal and support the project as long as levels in the water cause no harm to the natural eco-systems.

Once the correct water quality in the pool had been achieved, pumping from the pool into the pond commenced and was successfully completed in one day with the pond now observed to be thriving and replenished with water.

Council officers will continue to monitor the pond over the coming weeks.

Image of Tulip Street Pond re-filled