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Value in pet rego

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Pet registration renewals are winging their way across Bayside to renew Fido, Tom and Mitzys’ annual registration.

Most dog registrations are $78 and $45 for cats. Pensioner discounts are also available.

So what does your registration pay for?

Lost animal returns

As a Bayside resident if you lose your pet you are more likely to have it returned to you than if you live in other municipalities across in Victoria. In 2017/2018 Bayside had one of the highest return rates in the state with 80+% of animals being returned to their owners (most municipalities successfully return just 50% of lost pets).

Your registration fees help to cover the costs of animal patrols, mobile microchip scanners and a day facility located in Cheltenham which means that any pets that we find are able to be kept locally rather than being sent directly to the Lost Dogs Home in Cranbourne as happens in many inner city municipalities.

Poo bags

Nearly 1.8 million poo bags are consumed each year in our off leash parks and reserves.  The cost of purchasing bags and servicing the 29 dispensers (and emptying bins) is around $160,000 per year.

Pet Expo & Microchipping

The annual Pet Expo and discounted registration days are well attended by local pet owners. The next registration day is Saturday 30 March.

And the rest?

Animal registration fees also go towards education programs about responsible pet ownership and the costs associated with employing Council’s Animal Management Officers.

Pet owners can now update their animal’s details easily online at including:

  • Update address and phone number
  • Update animal details
  • Cancel a registration
  • Transfer animal ownership to an immediate family member