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Wellbeing in Bayside

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Reducing harm from alcohol, improving mental health and youth resilience, and supporting our community to be physically active will be key focus areas for Council over the coming four years.

Mayor, Cr Alex del Porto said that Council has a key role to play in helping to support the health and wellbeing of the Bayside community.

“As the level of Government closest to our community, Council takes an integrated approach to maintaining and improving the health and wellbeing of our community,” Cr del Porto said.

“While the Bayside community has high levels of good health we know that obesity, alcohol and youth anxiety are key areas of concern.

“Bayside’s ageing population means that the municipality has higher numbers of fragile older people and that over time issues such as dementia and diabetes will become more prevalent.

“In response, over the next four years Council will be working to partner with key agencies and community groups to help identify activities to ensure that Bayside’s community is healthy now and into the future.”

The findings and proposals form part of Council’s Wellbeing for All Ages and Abilities Strategy 2017-2021 (WAAA).

Under State legislation, Councils across Victoria are required to develop their Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plans within twelve months of being elected.  The WAAA is Bayside’s response to this requirement.

“Developing the WAAA is a significant undertaking and Council has been fortunate to have received outstanding input from key organisations working across the health and wellbeing sectors in Bayside as well as contributions from over 500 individual community members,” Cr del Porto said.

“On behalf of Council I would like to thank the organisations and residents who contributed their knowledge, and experience to the process.

“By working together in an integrated and coordinated way, Council and our community can ensure that our people continue to be healthy and happy.”

The next step in the strategy is to develop specific action plans to help support the role out of the WAAA.  Action Plans will be developed for:

  • Early Years;
  • Youth;
  • Healthy Ageing; and
  • Healthy Community.

Key Bayside Health Facts

For the most part Bayside residents are healthy

  • Life expectancy is higher than the Victorian average:
    • Male 84 years
    • Female 87 years
  • Bayside residents exercise at levels above the Victorian Average:
    • 50% exercise more than 4 times per week
  • Bayside residents have low rates of smoking:
    • Male 15.4%
    • Females 10.3%


  • Bayside males ranked number 1 for being overweight (pre-obese) among Victorian local government areas
    • 57.1% of males are overweight
  • Bayside residents are at significant higher risk of short term harm from alcohol
    • 40.2% of Bayside residents, compared to
    • 29.4% of Victorians
  • Nearly a third of our young people report feeling worried, stressed, and sleep deprived.

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