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Who pays to put powerlines underground?

Monday 1 August 2022


Underground powerlines can lead to more streets lined with dense tree canopies and help prevent electricity outages during wild weather. However, the costs involved can be expensive.

We’ve explored ways that Council could support undergrounding powerlines in Bayside through our major infrastructure or open space upgrades.

As well as this, where there is specific local interest, we can also help groups of interested residents pay for undergrounding works over time via a special charge on their rates notice.

Projects that provide a specialised benefit can utilise the Special Charge Scheme if a majority of people are interested.

Have your say

Help us shape how Council supports undergrounding powerlines, and other special projects in the future.

We want your feedback on our draft Special Rate and Special Charge Scheme and Undergrounding Powerlines polices to ensure they are clear and fair if applied to future projects.

Have your say on the draft Undergrounding Powerlines Policy

Have your say on the draft Special Rate and Special Charge Scheme Policy

Kookaburra sitting on a powerline connected to a tall powerpole



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