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Is your child ready for kinder or school?

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

A child’s education journey may start at three-year-old kinder. Parents are encouraged to gather information to help them decide when their child is kinder-ready.

Children attending a Council-run three-year-old kinder program must have turned three by 31 January in the year they are enrolled to commence.

Family Services Project Team Leader Clare Prodan said that regardless of whether a child meets the age requirement, parents should seriously consider if their child is ready to attend three-year-old kinder.

“It is expected that when a child completes a year of their education journey that they will progress to the following year and this includes going from three year old kinder to  four year old kinder and four year old kinder to school,” Clare said.

"We encourage parents to become as informed as possible about what it means to be kinder-ready, particularly if they are deliberating over when their child should start.”

Council is helping parents by providing information about kinder and school readiness over the coming months.


Kinder and School Readiness

Monday 26 March

Parent information night about kinder and school readiness with guest speaker Melinda Vander Reest from Walker Learning.

7.00pm Monday 25 March 2019


Corporate Centre
Bayside City Council
76 Royal Avenue
Sandringham 3191

Book at trybooking.com/ZROB

Open weekend

Saturday 30 and Sunday 31 March

Bayside kindergartens and occasional care centres will be open. Visit Early Year's Services Open Weekend to view locations and opening times.

Register for kinder 2020

Monday April 1

Council’s central registration opens for 2020 kinder enrolments for both three and four year old programs.

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