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'Open for Business' Directory: Health and wellbeing

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In light of the ever-changing COVID-19 pandemic, please contact businesses directly for the most up-to-date information. 

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on everyone in Bayside. Our local businesses have been significantly affected and now more than ever it is important that we support them to ensure that they can continue to service our community and wherever possible support employment opportunities. 

From Brighton to Beaumaris, Black Rock across to Sandringham and Hampton and inland to Brighton East and Cheltenham, we've pulled together the below list of health and wellbeing businesses still open and operating within the State Guidelines.

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We have had an overwhelming response from local businesses providing us with information and are still in the process of uploading additional listings below.

Acupuncture / Natural Therapies

Alchemy Acupuncture Clinic

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine have been shown to assist with management of specific symptoms (click for more info). We have a special interest in working with the following conditions: Pain management, Musculoskeletal disorders, Stress, anxiety and depression, Sleep disorders and fatigue, Digestive issues, Respiratory conditions, Hormonal and menstrual issues, Auto-immune conditions, Skin ailments & allergies

Address: 228 Bluff Road, SANDRINGHAM
Contact number: 03 9943 5280
Website: www.alchemyacupunctureclinic.com.au
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Bamkins - Emotional, Somatic & Gut Health 

We are a holistic wellbeing centre.

Address: 7/532 Hampton Street, BRIGHTON
Contact number: 03 9598 6661
Website: www.bamkins.com.au
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Bayside Acupuncture and Natural Medicine

Bayside Acupuncture and Natural Medicine aims to assist you to live a healthier life, look younger and feel better, for you and the whole family. We strive to give you professional, trusted and reliable Natural Health Care.

Address: 491 Hampton Street, HAMPTON
Contact number: 03 9592 8411
Website: www.baysideacupuncturemedicine.com
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Como Health Group

We use Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Clinical Nutrition, Chiropractic and multiple medical technologies to overcome conditions such as infections, neck/back and joint pain, fatigue, indigestion, migraine, arthritis, anxiety /depression and respiratory conditions. We pride ourselves in providing non pharmaceutical techniques to restore and maintain physical, mental and emotional health.

Address: 111 Charman Road, BEAUMARIS
Contact number: 03 9585 0616
Website: www.comohealthgroup.com.au
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Contagious Enthusiasm Wellness Centre 

We are a holistic wellness centre.

Address: 362 Hampton Street, BRIGHTON
Contact number: 03 9502 0650
Website: www.contagiousenthusiasm.com.au
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Hamish Everard Natural Therapies

We specialize in Functional Medicine - treating the underlying cause. We are here to address all of your health and well-being concerns.

Address: 129A Bluff Road, BLACK ROCK
Delivery: Yes - we can express post supplements
Contact number: 03 9598 8978
Website: www.hamisheverard.com.au
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Hampton Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine 

We practice Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese medicine

Address: 19 Small Street, HAMPTON
Contact number: 03 9598 8899
Website: www.hamptonacupuncture.com.au


Holistic Health Store

Health food store with naturopath clinic

Address: 91 Station Street, SANDRINGHAM
Delivery: Yes Online
Contact number: 03 9598 2663
Website: www.holistichealthstore.com.au
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Paradai Thai Massage & Spa

Remedial & Thai Massage Therapist

Address: 154 Church Street, BRIGHTON 
Contact number: 03 9592 8710
Website: www.paradaithaimassage.net


Salts of The Earth Hampton

While we are currently unable to provide on-site sessions, we will be open Wednesday and Saturday, 10am-3pm, to sell our products which can help relieve the symptoms of congestion, allergies and inflammation. Our range can also help with respiratory, skin conditions, building immunity, assisting sports recovery and alleviating stress and anxiety. We are selling natural product such as magnesium oils, bath soaks, bath bombs, moisturisers, kids bath fizz, Pharmaceutical grade salts, Shower Steamers, cooking salts

Address: 473 Hampton Street, HAMPTON
Contact Number: 03 9521 6874
Website: www.saltsoftheearth.com.au
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Therapeutic Pillows Australia

We are an Australian-made and owned family business that has been servicing the health care market with quality pillows, supports and comfort products for over 40 years. We distribute our products around Australia and overseas and are the most recommended product range of Australian Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and Osteopaths. To help during Covid,we are offering free freight Australia wide for all orders over $100.  Thanks for your support of our local business.

Address: 24 Lynch Street BRIGHTON
Delivery: We cover all Bayside suburbs with next day delivery from when the order is placed.
Contact number: 0407 852 610
Website: www.pillows.com.au
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Woods Naturopathy

We offer naturopathy consultations and treatments (herbal and nutritional therapies) will address imbalance and reset you body’s optimal function.

Address: 4/407 Highett Road, HIGHETT
Contact number: 03 9555 6981
Website: www.woodsnaturopathy.com.au
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Bay Road Chiropractic & Sports Therapy Centre

We provide chiropractic health care.

Address: 4/56-60 Bay Road, SANDRINGHAM
Contact number: 03 9521 9599
Website: www.bayroadchiropractic.com.au
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Brighton Chiropractic Centre

We are a team of enthusiastic experienced chiropractors with the shared goal of achieving exceptional patient outcomes. Serving the local bayside suburbs for over 55 years.

Address: 881 Hampton Street, BRIGHTON
Contact number: 03 9592 5372
Website: www.brightonchiro.com.au
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Chiro-Works Bayside

Chiropractic Services

Address: 17 South Concourse, BEAUMARIS
Contact number: 03 9589 0076
Website: www.chiro-works.com.au
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Chiropractic Focus

25 years of experience in spinal health care.

Address: 181 Bluff Road, BLACK ROCK
Contact number: 03 9533 5060
Website: www.chiropracticfocus.com.au
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LiveWell Family Chiropractic

LiveWell Family Chiropractic is a Health and Wellness Centre dedicated at maximising your body’s functional capacity to allow you to perform optimally! We do this through Chiropractic Care to reduce and eliminate pain in your body to give you back quality of life.

Address: 4A Small Street, HAMPTON
Contact number: 03 9995 8164
Website: www.livewellfc.com.au
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Seed Chiropractic & Wellbeing

We provide gentle chiropractic care and lifestyle advice for our local community.  We take a genuine interest in the health and wellbeing of families who wish to grown and thrive.  Women's health, Men's Health, Family Care, Pregnancy Care, Children's Health, neck pain, Back pain, Headaches, Stress management.

Address: 406A Hampton Street, HAMPTON
Contact number: 0407 891 776
Website: www.seedchiropractic.com.au
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Vida Lifestyles Chiropractic

Vida offers a holistic approach to your health and wellbeing through chiropractic care, exercise and nutritional advice. Our professional services include chiropractic, naturopathy and nutrition. We stock a wide range of health products including supplements, pillows, exercise equipment and lifestyle books.

Address: 22S Abbott Street, SANDRINGHAM
Contact number: 03 9598 7811
Website: www.vidalifestyles.com.au
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Dental Care

Bay Road Dental Centre

Dentistry emergency services

Address: 27 Bay Road, SANDRINGHAM
Contact number: 03 9598 3580
Website:  www.bayroaddental.com.au
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Black Rock Dental  

We provide dental services, preventative dentistry, children's dentistry and cosmetic dentistry.

Address: 30 Bluff Road, BLACK ROCK 
Contact number: 03 9589 2729
Website: www.blackrockdental.com.au
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Bayside Family Dentistry

Dental services including emergency for all ages.  We at Bayside Family Dentistry have been making the Bayside community smile for over 45 years.  We have proven to be a well established member of the community, supporting other traders on the Concourse and sponsoring the local football team.  It's not just a job, it's our passion  The cornerstone of our work ethic is getting to know you as a patient, making long-standing relationships to then tailor the right treatment for you.

Address: 10 East Concourse, BEAUMARIS
Contact number: 03 9589 4472
Website: www.baysidefamilydentistry.com.au
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Brighton Dental Group

We take great satisfaction in helping you maintain optimal oral health. We believe our patients should have as much information in order to make important, informed decisions regarding their oral health. Our Brighton Dental clinic has parking available on New St and several streets surrounding New St. There are train stations close by and bus services available as well

Address: 313 New Street, BRIGHTON
Contact number: 03 9592 2375
Website: www.brightondental.com.au

Dendy Village Dental

Assess and manage dental pain, trauma and other emergency care

Address: 754 Hampton Street, BRIGHTON
Contact number: 03 9592 0583
Website: www.dendyvillagedental.com.au
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Hampton Dental

Your local dental care specialists

Address: 372 Hampton Street, HAMPTON
Contact number: 03 9598 0033
Website: www.hampton-dental.com.au
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Sandringham Dental Practice

Family dental clinic providing a wide range of dental services

Address: 66-68 Bay Road, SANDRINGHAM 
Contact number: 03 9597 0951
Website: www.sandydental.com.au

Smile House

Essential and Emergency Dental services. We are able to see people who have toothaches or have concerns about a broken tooth.

Address: 183 Bluff Road, BLACK ROCK
Contact number: 03 8521 0777
Website: www.smilehouse.com.au
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Teeth, Mouth, Smile

We are a small well-established, boutique, dental practice in the heart of Church St, Brighton. Serving bayside customers for more than 20 years, with a wealth of dental expertise and experience we take pride in caring for the smiles of our patients and their families.

Address: 150 Church Street, BRIGHTON
Contact number: 03 9592 5947
Website: www.teethmouthsmile.com.au
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Eye Care

Bayside Eyecare

Bayside Eyecare has been assisting locals with their eyecare needs for the last 20 years. In the current climate we are keen to support individuals who have broken their glasses, require more contact lenses and have eye or vision. emergencies.

Address: 150 Martin Street, BRIGHTON
Contact number: 03 9596 1238
Website: www.baysideeyecare.com.au
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Base Curve Optical


Address 36 Station Street, SANDRINGHAM
Delivery: Bayside suburbs or postage, taking phone orders only
Contact number 03 9598 8880 
Website: www.basecurveoptical.com.au
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Eyes on Brighton


Address: 37 Church Street, BRIGHTON
Contact number: 03 9592 4800
Website: www.eyesonbrighton.com.au
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Address: 351 Hampton Street, HAMPTON
Delivery Bayside suburbs or postage
Contact number 03 9598 2825 
Website: www.styleyes.com.au
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Injury Management / Exercise Physiologists

Bay Hand Therapy

Specialising in the treatment of hand and upper extremity injuries and conditions.

Address: 3A Keys Street, BEAUMARIS
Contact number: 03 9589 2465
Website: www.bayhandtherapy.com.au
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Brighton Spine & Sports Clinic

Spine Sports Injury Management

Address 441 Bay Street, BRIGHTON
Contact number 03 9596 7211
Website: www.brightonspinal.com.au
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Pace Health & Wellbeing

We are a team of exercise physiologist delivering health & wellbeing programs to a wide range of clients

Address: Shop 2, 18-34 Station Street, SANDRINGHAM
Contact number: 03 9598 3169
Website: www.pacehealth.com.au
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Princeton View Aged Care: Respite Care

While our Homes are known and established within local communities for permanent residential care and services, we are also experienced in providing individualised short term respite care, be it planned or due to an emergency. 

Address: 29 Heathfield Road, BRIGHTON EAST
Contact number: 03 8591 0200
Website: www.allity.com.au/locations/princeton-view-aged-care/respite


Seaview Health Group

At SHG our experienced practitioners work as a team to address all types of pain, sports injury, rehabilitation, or exercise goals.  We will use our expertise to address your issues and get you moving again. We truly value you and your health, and we are committed to finding solutions that work and are sustainable.

Address: 328-330 Balcombe Road, BEAUMARIS
Contact number: 03 9589 7815
Website: www.seaviewhealthgroup.com.au
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Si Lifestyle Managers and Personal Concierge

Private personal assistant who specialises in assisting people run their private lives and personal business while they are suffering or recuperating from any type of health issue. 

Address: 328-330 Balcombe Road, BEAUMARIS
Contact number: 0499 294 711
Website: www.silifestylemanagers.com.au


Mental Health and Counselling


Personalised guided meditations and mindfulness to help you feel more positive, relax and achieve goals. Life coaching, counselling.

Address: 22S Abbott Street, SANDRINGHAM
Contact number: 0422 135 425
Website: www.A1U.com
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Bienestar Wellbeing

Online meditating classes, distant healing via phone, video calls or online education.

Address: 5/321 Charman Road, CHELTENHAM
Contact number: 0421 591 665
Visit us on: www.bienestarwellbeing.com
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Higher Truth

Meditation for insomnia related to anxiety, depression and PTSD   

Address: 254 Bay Road, SANDRINGHAM
Contact number: 0417 011 324
Website: www.highertruth.com.au
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Listen and Care Counselling

We offer personal counselling and coaching services

Address: 7 Balcombe Park Lane, BEAUMARIS
Contact number: 0425 790 382
Website: www.listenandcarecounselling.com.au
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Melbourne Clinical and Child Psychology

We are a Clinical Psychology practice offering counselling sessions to adults, teenagers and children.

Address: 354 Balcombe Road, BEAUMARIS
Contact number: 1300 635 952
Website: www.melbourneccpsychology.com.au
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Move Mindz

Customized programs that reduce stress, anxiety, and depression in the workplace.

Address: 117 Beach Road, SANDRINGHAM 
Contact number: 0452 070 811 
Visit us on: www.movingmindz.io
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Natasha Mason Meditation

I teach a 3 x 90 minute Learn to Meditate course which gives students the tools and knowledge to become self sufficient daily meditators.

Address: 9 Bellevue Road, CHELTENHAM
Contact number: 0418 320 206
Website: www.nourishmelbourne.com.au
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Positive Moves Wellbeing

Mental Health Support - delivering psychology therapy and coaching for those navigating change, challenge, anxiety, stress and trauma.  Applying psychology tools and neuroscience to build healthy resilient brains and stronger minds so you can move forward.

Contact number: 0437 350 188
Website: www.positivemoves.com.au
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Shine Health Wellbeing Centre

We offer naturopathy, nutrition and counselling services.

Address: 35 Bluff Road, BLACK ROCK
Contact number: 03 9589 4549
Website: www.shinehealthwellbeing.com.au
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Southside Psychology

Psychology, hypnotherapy and counselling  

Address: 28 Carpenter Street. BRIGHTON 
Contact number: 03 9589 0881
Website: www.southsidepschology.com.au


Nutrition and Gastroenterology

Brighton Gastroenterology Associates

Specialist medical, Gastroenterology.

Address: 2 Church Street, BRIGHTON
Contact number: 03 9591 0466
Website: www.brightongastro.com


Designer Nutrition Australia

Designer Nutrition Australia (DNA) provides simple, practical and affordable functional medicine. In brief, functional medicine investigates and treats the cause of medical conditions and disease instead of managing the symptoms. DNA specialises in using genetic testing to design individually tailored and professionally supervised, nutrition and lifestyle programs to improve the function of the body and therefore resolve, manage and/or prevent illness and disease. DNA programs are based on your unique genomic profile, biochemistry, medical history, current symptoms, lifestyle and health goals. DNA is passionate about helping individuals like you return to a path of optimal and extended health.

Address: 16 Susan Street, SANDRINGHAM
Contact number: 0488 700 760
Website: www.designernutrition.com.au
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Lifespan Nutrition

Private consultations for people of any age to improve health, resolve nutrition issues such as fussy eating or food aversion, nutrition education and workshops on introducing solids to babies.

Address: 351 Nepean Highway, BRIGHTON EAST
Contact number: 0424 669 457
Website: www.lifespannutrition.com.au 
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Head to toe healthcare

Head to Toe Healthcare is Bayside’s leading osteopathy clinic for the management of spinal and other musculoskeletal complaints.

Address: Suite5, 324 South Road, HAMPTON EAST
Contact number: 03 9555 2288
Website: www.headtotoehealthcare.com.au


The Osteo Clinic Sandringham

Osteopathy treatments to help with any musculoskeletal pain or discomfort anywhere in your body.

Address: 1 Waltham Street, SANDRINGHAM
Contact number: 03 9598 5334
Website: www.theosteoclinic.com.au
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The Osteo Collective - Cheltenham

We provide hands on health services to the people of Bayside to help them recover and prevent injuries.

Address: 1/20 Talina Road, CHELTENHAM
Contact number: 03 8555 9757
Website: www.theosteocollective.com.au
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The Sports and Spinal Group

Allied Health - Osteopathy, Massage, Chines Medicine & Pilates

Address: 487A Hampton, HAMPTON
Contact number: 03 9533 5536
Website: www.sportsandspinalgroup.com.au
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Beaumaris Pharmacy

We offer all usual and regular pharmacy services, and more!

Address: 1A East Concourse, BEAUMARIS
Delivery:  Free to Beaumaris and Black Rock
Contact number: 03 9589 2676
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Brighton Bay Pharmacy

We are a local pharmacy/drug store.

Address: 259 Martin Street, BRIGHTON
Contact number: 03 9596 2259
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Brighton Community Pharmacy

Brighton Community Pharmacy offers the following services: Free medication checks, Free scripts on file and SMS reminder service, Local deliveries, Blood pressure testing in store, NDSS Diabetes products, Webster packs, and a range of cosmetics and skin care

Address: 2/72 Church Street, BRIGHTON
Contact number: 03 9592 1146
Website: www.brightoncommunitypharmacy.com.au


Brighton Health Pharmacy

Brighton Health Pharmacy offers the following services; Webster packs, Flu vaccination, Diabetes management products, Sleep Apnea testing and products, Impromy weight loss program, Free Meds checks, Scripts on file, SMS scripts reminder, and Prestige Fragrances and Cosmetics with qualified beauty consultants in store.

Address: 33 Church Street, BRIGHTON
Contact number: 03 9592 1500
Website: www.brightonhealthpharmacy.com.au


Dendy Village Pharmacy


Address: 752 Hampton Street, BRIGHTON
Delivery: Yes to Bayside Suburbs
Contact number: 03 9591 0202 or 1800 931 789 (after hours)
Website: www.dendyvillage.com
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National Pharmacies

Your local pharmacy

Address: 2 Church Street, BRIGHTON
Contact number: 03 9592 5097
Website: www.nationalpharmacies.com.au
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Nelson Pharmacy


Address: 123 Thomas Street, BRIGHTON EAST
Delivery: You can come in and order and have it delivered to your home.
Contact number: 03 9578 3960


Pharmacy 360

We offer a growing number of services in our Pharmacy.

Address: 16 Bluff Road, BLACK ROAD 
Delivery: Yes We deliver to Black Rock, Beaumaris and Sandringham. $5 delivery charge
Contact number: 03 9589 3768
Website: www.360pharmacy.com.au
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Bayside Mobile Physiotherapy

Private practice physiotherapist with 15 years experience servicing the Bayside surrounds. We come to you.

Trading hours: 7am-9pm 7 days a week
Contact number: 0404 266 391
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Bayside Sports Medicine Group

Physiotherapist, podiatry and spirts physician still operating for telehealth or essential face to face appointments

Address: 4/18-34 Station Street, SANDRINGHAM
Contact number: 03 9598 8221
Website  www.physiosandringham.com.au
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Beaumaris Physiotherapy Centre

The Beaumaris Physiotherapy Centre delivers evidence-based physiotherapy assessment and treatment, massage and clinical pilates to the residents of the Beaumaris and greater bayside suburbs.

Address: 30 East Concourse, BEAUMARIS
Contact number: 03 9589 3264
Website: www.beaumarisphysio.com.au
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Bluff Road Physiotherapy

Bluff Road / North Road Physiotherapy has a reputation in the local community for delivering exceptional quality service in a personal, professional, safe and effective manner. Our qualified and registered physiotherapists provide personally tailored physiotherapy including education and advice, objective and subjective assessments, physical interventions and exercise prescription.
Now offering Telehealth consultations

Address: 320C Bluff Road, SANDRINGHAM
Contact number: 03 9533 5611
Website: www.bluffroadphysio.com.au
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David Adams Physiotherapy

A holistic approach in which we treat the whole individual.  Physiotherapy.  Acupuncture.  Moxibustion.  Polarity Medicine.  Back pain.  Headaches.  Sports injuries.  Chronic pain.

Address: 2 Sargood Street, HAMPTON
Contact number: 0425 802 035
Website: www.davidadamsphysio.com
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East Brighton Physiotherapy Centre

Physiotherapy for orthopaedic and musculoskeletal conditions, sports injuries, spinal pain, dizziness.  Ultrasound for mastitis.  Electrotherapy.  Mechanical traction.  Telehealth consultations.

Address: 611 Hawthorn Road, Brighton East
Contact number: 03 9578 8657
Website: ebpc.com.au
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InnerStength of Bayside

We are a physiotherapy clinic, offering physiotherapy and individualised physio-led exercise sessions.  We are also offering online video consultations for those of you who are self isolating.

Address: 254 Charman Road,  CHELTENHAM
Contact number: 03 8555 4099
Website: www.innerstrengthbayside.com.au
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Kieser Brighton

A great team of physiotherapists offering a variety of specialised solutions. The business specialises in back pain and strength training.

Address: 1/304 New Street, BRIGHTON
Contact number: 03 9593 3499
Website: www.kieserbrighton.com.au
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Physio Melbourne

Physio Melbourne Clinic was founded by group of Melbourne based passionate Physio’s to provide a personalized and specialist physiotherapy service in Melbourne . We have some of the best therapists from around the world, who specialise in back pain, sports injuries, tendon injuries, knee and shoulder pain. We help you get better, faster.

Address: Melbourne Fertility & Endosurgery Centre, 767 Hawthorn Road BRIGHTON EAST
Contact: 1300 341 409 
Website: www.physiomelbourne.com.au
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Rowena Field Physiotherapy


Address: 1/30 Normanby Street, BRIGHTON
Contact number: 0449871666
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Total Balance

We are a Physiotherapy clinic that has been treating the community for over 7 years. Our therapists are now treating via Virtual appointments from Mon- Sat.

Address: 22 Bluff Road, BLACK ROCK 
Contact number: 03 9589 5305
Website: www.totalbalancephysio.com.au
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The Physio Room

We are a new physiotherapy clinic with combined clinical pilates and strength training exercise studio.  Running analysis and physio bike fit also available.

Address: 1/17 Small Street, HAMPTON
Contact number: 03 9042 3366
Website: www.thephysioroom.co
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Bay Podiatry Clinic

Providing specialist advice and general foot care.

Address: 105 Charman Road, BEAUMARIS
Contact number: 03 9583 6230
Website: www.baypodiatry.com.au
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Black Rock Foot and Ankle Clinic


Address 2/100 Bluff Road, BLACK ROCK
Contact number: 03 9598 4873
Website: www.blackrockfac.com.au
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Highett Podiatry

Your foot care specialist, for all age groups in the Bayside area of Melbourne.

Address: 1-2 407 Highett Road, HIGHETT
Contact number: 03 9555 3044
Website: www.highettpodiatry.com.au
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Well Healed Podiatry

Podiatry services for the whole family. Unique and effective treatment for foot, heel, and ankle pain, such as Shockwave Therapy, Foot Mobilisation Therapy, Tool Assisted Sports Massage, Prolotherapycertified, customised foot orthotics and gait analysis.

Address: 362 Hampton Street Hampton
Contact number: 03 9502 0650
Website: www.wellhealedpodiatry.com.au
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