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'Open for Business' Directory: Sport and fitness

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In light of the ever-changing COVID-19 pandemic, please contact businesses directly for the most up-to-date information. 

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on everyone in Bayside. Our local businesses have been significantly affected and now more than ever it is important that we support them to ensure that they can continue to service our community and wherever possible support employment opportunities. 

From Brighton to Beaumaris, Black Rock across to Sandringham and Hampton and inland to Brighton East and Cheltenham, we've pulled together the below list of sport and fitness businesses still open and operating within the State Guidelines.

Activity and Health for All

I delight in motivating and educating people to their best health and fitness using science from 10 years of University knowledge and 15 years experience. Let me help you find the best training for you and achieve your best. I’m pro health and happy to hear from you regarding your goals: regardless of your age or limitations in a non intimidating environment.

Address: 241 Bay Road, HIGHETT
Contact number: 0435 996 198
Website: www.DrSuz.com
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Alanna’s Theatre and Dance Studio

Dance classes at Alanna’s Theatre and Dance Studio (now operating online) are of a recreational nature. We pride ourselves on offering top quality dance instruction and education without the stress and pressure of examinations or competitions.

Address: 14 Willis Street, HAMPTON
Contact number: 0419 641 477
Website: www.atads.com.au
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Assertive Fitness

Outdoor, personal training in accordance with health, hygiene & distance rules
Improved fitness can lead to improved immune systems and better state-of-mind. Book your session now. Do your best to stay fit and healthy..

Address: 3/268 Balcombe Road, BEAUMARIS 
Contact number: 0421 903 963
Website: www.assertivefitness.com


Bay Road Chiropractic & Sports Therapy Centre

We provide chiropractic health care.

Address: 4/56-60 Bay Road, SANDRINGHAM
Contact number: 03 9521 9599
Website: www.bayroadchiropractic.com.au
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Body by Alev 

I help people transform their training approach and results. I meet them where they are at and completely tailor my programming to their body and their goals. I guide them through the steps they need to take to become stronger, fitter versions of themselves.

Address: 88 Talinga Road, CHELTENHAM
Contact number: 0400 612 135
Website: www.bodybyalev.com.au
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Brighton Spine & Sports Clinic

Spine Sports Injury Management

Address 441 Bay Street, BRIGHTON
Contact number: 03 9596 7211
Website: www.brightonspinal.com.au
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Bustamove Personal Training

We offer individual personal training at your home

Address: 595 Balcombe Road, BLACK ROCK
Contact number: 0438 811 556
Website: www.bustamovepersonaltraining.com
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Elevate Yoga

We offer Yoga classes.

Address: 615A Balcombe Road, BLACK ROCK
Contact number: 03 9005 3664
Website: www.elevateyoga.com.au
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Core Foundations Personal Training

We offer highly personalised functional training that reduces injuries and helps you move better.

Address: 18-20 South Concourse,  BEAUMARIS 
Contact number: 03 9589 1015
Website: www.stayintouch.com.au
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Essential Health & Performance 

Personal Training

Address: 410 Bluff Road, HAMPTON
Contact number: 0435 620 659
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F45 Training Brighton

We offer high intensity interval functional training. F45 is specifically designed to provide a functional full-body workout while improving energy levels, metabolic rate, strength, and endurance.

Address: 193A Bay Street, BRIGHTON
Contact number: 0488 059 210
Website: www.F45Brighton.com
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F45 Training Highett

F45 is specifically designed to provide a functional full-body workout while improving energy levels, metabolic rate, strength, and endurance.

Address: 24 Advantage Road, HIGHETT
Contact number: 0401 667 736
Website: www.F45Highett.com.au
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Fit for Life Health Studio

Fit for Life Health Studio has been established for 15 years. It is a unique studio dedicated to one on one Exercise Physiology, Pilates & is an official NDIS Provider. Highly Experienced trainers in a private setting or outdoor recreational activities & training. We also offer training at your home and an easy to use APP online.  

Address: 3 Melrose Street, SANDRINGHAM
Contact number: 03 9533 4776
Website: www.fitforlifestudio.com.au
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Live Zoom workouts, customised workout plans, nutrition guidance, 21 day challenge, 1 on 1 personal training. At FitLane, we take the guess work out of health and wellbeing.  Our experienced trainers are on hand to coach you through a programmed workout to achieve your FitBody and give you nutrition, wellbeing and lifestyle advice and strategies to fuel your FitMind

Address: 181 Bay Street, BRIGHTON
Contact number: 03 9596 6605
Website: www.fitlane.com.au
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FitSmart Personal Training 

FitSmart's fully qualified and 20 years experienced trainer services Brighton, Hampton, Port Melbourne, South Melbourne and surrounding areas. We take the time and effort to work with you as an individual. Using our unique whole body strategies, based on Intensity Variation and Instability Techniques, we deliver an efficient training strategy in our base studio, in parks and beaches for you to safely and efficiently reach your goals. We also come to your gym or home.

Address: South Road, BRIGHTON
Contact number: 0427 923 586
Website: www.fitsmart.com.au
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Inner Athlete

Fitness - Virtual Training

Address: 13/47 Grange Road, CHELTENHAM
Contact number: 0411 145 166
Website: www.inner-athlete.com.au
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Inner Sanctum Yoga

Yoga and meditation classes.

Address: 241-245 Bay Road, CHELTENHAM
Contact number: 0402 828 389
Website: www.innersanctumyoga.com.au
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Kula Yoga

Online Yoga Studio. Live streamed Yoga classes, Access to Video library 24/7, helping you stay calm and relaxed and an exclusive online community

Address: 8 Willis Lane, HAMPTON
Contact number: 1300 992 133
Website: www.kulayoga.com
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Inspired Fitness Solutions

1 on 1 Personal Training & zoom online classes

Address: Dane Road, HAMPTON
Contact number: 0411 268 732
Website: www.inspiredfitness.com.au
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One Motion Coaching

One Motion is a premium online training platform for individuals seeking to enhance their overall strength, athletic capabilities and body composition. Our coach and nutritionist work together to personalise your training and nutrition, so you can get optimal results!

Contact Number: 0400 138 959
Website: www.onemotioncoaching.com
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Sara Fliess Fitness

I offer a range of HIIT and Core 30 minute classes.  As I am affiliated with both Highett and Hampton Community Centre, you are also welcome to join our classes!

Address: 1 Muir Street, HIGHETT
Contact number: 0400 831 118
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Sweatmaster Health & Fitness

Sweatmaster Health & Fitness is your complete package for health, fitness and the lifestyle you always wanted. Now offering Virtual Workouts.

Address: 587 Hampton Street, HAMPTON
Contact number: 0407 512 708
Website: sweatmaster.com.au
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Shivoham Yoga & Gallery

There are many pieces available in the gallery to support you spiritually, emotionally and mentally and keep you in balance and harmony especially during this time.
Yoga classes are available as private lessons (1 on 1).  

Address: 83 Ludstone Street, HAMPTON
Contact number: 03 9598 1809
Website: www.omshivoham.com
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SuckerPunch Fitness

Boxing and Fitness Group and One on One Sessions
We provide fun, challenging but not intimidating training sessions suitable for beginners to advanced fitness levels with a strong focus on Boxing and High Intensity.

Address: Cheltenham - Bayside
Contact number: 0403 534 266
Website: www.suckerpunchfitness.com.au
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Theatre De La DanSe

Dance Classes 

Address: 15 Male Street, BRIGHTON 
Contact number: 03 9592 0890
Website: www.tdld.com.au
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The Fitness Partnership

We offer weekly fitness membership packages which are available on our website. It is recommend that you call for a consultation to work out what package would be best for you.

Address: 15 Keith Street, HAMPTON
Contact number: 0457 620 224
Website: www.thefitnesspartnership.com.au
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The Sports and Spinal Group

Allied Health - Osteopathy, Massage, Chines Medicine & Pilates

Address: 487A Hampton Street, HAMPTON
Contact number: 03 9533 5536
Website: www.sportsandspinalgroup.com.au
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We offer a bespoke 1:1 outdoor personal training service.

Address: 6/22-26 George Street, SANDRINGHAM
Contact number: 0432 537 040
Website: www.uvsl.co
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Virtual Pilates

Virtual Mat Pilates classes you can you at home. Small groups catering to all levels. Build strength, flexibility and control through exercise for whole body health. 45 minutes.

Address: 241-245 Bay Road, CHELTENHAM
Contact number: 0414 949 890
Website: www.virtualpilates.com.au
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Xtend Barre Bayside

Fitness Classes

Address: 500 Hampton Street, HAMPTON
Contact number: 03 9598 1982
Website: www.xtendbarre.com.au
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Yoga Station

We are a private and small group yoga tuition business

Address: 3/52 Bay Road, SANDRINGHAM
Contact number: 0410 645 745
Website: www.yogastation.com.au
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