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List of indigenous grasses and tussocks

The following is a list of indigenous grasses and tussocks that are available for purchase at the Community Nursery. Please note that stock of many species is highly variable and subject to sell out at short notice.  Helpful nursery staff are available during nursery open hours to provide advice on selecting plants for your garden.

Table key

The table below uses letters to denote the type of environment the species are suited to:

  • A plants are adaptable, growing well in most soil types and aspects
  • C plants are for coast – dune scrub and woodland
  • D plants prefer dry, well drained soils and tolerates dryness once established
  • S plants prefer or tolerate full shade
  • H plants prefer heath or woodland
  • W plants prefer or tolerate moist soils, wetness and periodic inundation

Please note, all indigenous plants provide habitat and food for local birds, insects and other native animals.

Species Name Common Name Mature Size Range (HxW) Key  
Austrostipa flavescens Coast Spear-grass Stems to 1.2m x 50–75cm CA  
Austrostipa mollis Soft Spear-grass Stems to 60cm–1.5m HA  
Austrostipa stipoides Prickly Spear-grass 80cm–1.5m x 80cm–1.5m CD  
Deyeuxia quadriseta Reed Bent-grass 15cm–1.5m x 40cm HD  
Dianella admixta Spreading Flax-lily 30–80cm x 50cm–1.5m HCSA  
Dianella brevicaulis  Small-flower Flax-lily 50–90cm x 60–90cm HCDSA  
Dianella laevis var. laevis Pale Flax-lily 30cm–1.5m x 50cm HA  
Dianella sp. aff. revoluta Coastal Flax-lily 30–80cm x 2–3m C  
Dichelachne crinita Long-hair Plume-grass 50cm–1m x 20–30cm HD  
Distichlis distichophylla Australian Salt-grass 5–20cm x Spreading CA  
Eragrostis brownii Common Love-grass 10–50cm x 30cm HA  
Ficinia nodosa Knobby Club-sedge 15cm x 1.5m x 60cm–2m HCA  
Juncus pallidus Pale Rush 0.5 - 2.3m X 0.3-1m A  
Lomandra filiformis Wattle Mat-rush 10 –50cm x 15–20cm HDSA  
Lomandra longifolia Spiny-headed Mat-rush 50cm–1.2m x 50cm–1.2m HCDSA  
Lomandra multiflora Many-flowered Mat-rush 30cm x 30cm HAD  
Microlaena stipoides Weeping Grass 30cm–1m x 60cm HCA  
Patersonia fragilis Short Purple-flag 20cm–60 x 40cm HW  
Patersonia occidentalis Long Purple-flag 20–80cm x 30–60cm HDW  
Poa labillardieri Common Tussock-grass 30cm–1.5m x 30cm–1.5m HA  
Poa poiformis Coast or Blue Tussock-grass 20cm–1m x 50–1.5m CA  
Poa sieberana Tussock-grass 50–80cm x 30cm–1m HA  
Rytidosperma caespitosum Common Wallaby-grass 20cm–1.2m x 10–40cm HCA  
Rytidosperma geniculatum Kneed Wallaby-grass 10–40cm x 20–30cm HCA  
Rytidosperma racemosum Clustered Wallaby-grass 20–80cm HCDW  
Rytidosperma setaceum Bristly Wallaby-grass 60–70cm x 40cm HA  
Sporobolus virginicus Salt or Sand Couch 10cm x Spreading CA  
Themeda triandra Kangaroo Grass 70–90cm x 75cm HA  
Triglochin striatum Streaked Arrowgrass 10cm x 20cm CW  
Xanthorrhoea minor Small Grass-tree 60cm x 1m HD