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Organisational structure

Our organisational structure includes 5 divisions headed by directors.


The 5 key organisational areas of Council are:

  • The CEO Division
  • The City Planning and Amenity Division
  • The Community and Customer Experience Division
  • The Corporate Services Division
  • The Environment, Recreation and Infrastructure Division

These collectively comprise the major operational activities including services to the community, business, and governance functions necessary for an effective and publicly accountable body.

The Chief Executive Officer manages the staff and resources of the Council, as determined by the Victorian Local Government Act. Operational responsibilities for the organisation reside with the Chief Executive Officer. In turn, the Chief Executive Officer is employed by and reports to the elected Council.

CEO and Executive Team

  • Mick Cummins – Chief Executive Officer
  • Jill Colson – Director Corporate Services
  • Adam McSwain – Director Environment, Recreation and Infrastructure
  • Hamish Reid – Director City Planning and Amenity
  • Bryce Craggs – Director Community and Customer Experience
  • Rebecca Aldridge – Executive Manager People and Strategy