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Our performance

Here you can get insight into our performance and improvement strategies.

The Victorian Government has published performance data for all Victorian councils on its Know Your Council website. The 'Know your Council' website is an accessible, easy to understand source of information which helps the community explore information about the services delivered and compare a council’s performance to similar councils. The website was launched in 2015 and now shows 2 years of performance.

Our performance is measured against 66 different indicators representing a range of services to provide a snapshot of each council’s performance, and promote transparency and accountability in local government.

Key service performance highlights include:

  • Time taken to decide planning applications has improved by 27 days on the previous year
  • The highest participation rates in Victoria for Home and Community Care services
  • The highest return rate for lost registered cats and dogs to their owners in Victoria.  This high level of service has been delivered cost effectively, with two thirds of Councils spending more to deliver a lower service outcome
  • High levels of transparency with 95% of council resolutions made in public, open meetings
  • The most cost effective maternal and child health service in Victoria, with 100% of Bayside infants enrolled in the service
  • Well maintained  infrastructure with 95% of sealed roads not requiring renewal
  • The second most cost effective kerbside collection service, with 49% of garbage, recyclables and green organics are diverted from landfill
  • In the top quartile of councils, spending less per resident per property to deliver our services.  Although Bayside rates are higher than neighbouring councils, we are more rate reliant, because of our low levels of density, zoning and lower levels of State or Federal Grants than other councils

We’ve developed these web pages to give more context to the performance data. We hope you find the information useful and interesting. Over time we will develop this section of our website to provide further insights and updates on our performance and improvement strategies.

We welcome your feedback and questions.