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Our tree planting program

We carry out an annual tree planting program. The planting season runs from May to September of each year throughout Bayside.

If weather conditions permit, the season may commence in April and continue through to October. Street trees are contract grown, therefore the planting list closes at the end of December or early January each year.

What sort of trees do we plant?

We aim to plant trees into every available suitable vacant planting site. Tree species are guided by the street and park tree selection guide, and will consider the suitability of the tree for the specific site conditions.

Street and park tree selection guide (PDF, 4.03MB)

Street and park tree selection guide (DOCX, 14.59MB)

Would you like a new tree on your nature strip?

If you don't have a tree on your nature strip, you can request a tree to beĀ planted the next planting season. The site will be inspected and if it is a suitable, you will be advised when the planting will be undertaken.

Every newly planted tree is subject to a 2 year establishment program which includes watering, mulching and formative pruning. Each tree is planted with a black plastic water well at its base and is mulched and staked.

Request a new nature strip tree

Caring for your nature stripĀ tree

  • Juvenile trees are subject to a two-year establishment program, which includes watering, mulching and formative pruning.
  • Regularly water your tree to help grow, survive and flourish. A bucket of water twice a week in warm weather and once a week in mild weather.
  • Mowers and whipper-snippers can damage the base of the tree. This damage can interfere with sap flow, leaving the tree more easily susceptible to pests and disease.

A large tree growing on a road nature strip