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Parking fine reviews

Find out about your rights and responsibilities, and how to request an infringement review.

Who can apply for a parking fine to be reviewed?

It's important to know that:

  • Only the registered owner
  • Their authorised representative; or
  • A person who has been formally nominated as the driver

can make application to have a fine review. This is because parking fines are issues and are the responsibility of the registered owner of the vehicle.

Some of the common reasons we're unable to withdraw a fine

  • Not seeing or misreading a parking sign
  • Being delayed at an appointment or being in a hurry
  • Finding nowhere else to park
  • Moving your vehicle from one parking space directly to another between the same parking signs
  • Parking for a very short time
  • Not displaying a valid parking permit
  • Believing that because the meter was broken there were no restrictions
  • Leaving the vehicle because you, or a passenger, needed to use the toilet
  • Making an error when using the parking meter
  • Stopping to let a passenger in or out, or to make a quick delivery
  • Stopping to answer your mobile phone

Can I see my infringement details?

You can view the infringement details including any vehicle photos that may have been taken online. You will your infringement notice number and vehicle registration number. This information can help you decide on what action to take to resolve your fine.

View your parking fine

How to request an infringement review

You can learn about requesting an infringement review on our infringement web page.

Once we receive your application your fine will be put on hold so you don't incur any additional costs. You will be notified of the outcome in writing within 2 weeks however legislation allows for 90 days to respond.

How to request an infringement review

Were you not in possession or control of the vehicle at the time of the offence?

You can nominate the person who was in possession or control of the vehicle via our online form.

Nominate another driver for a parking fine

Payment arrangements

Looking for an alternative payment arrangement? You can request an extension to the existing due date, or you can request to go onto a payment plan.

Request an alternative payment arrangement

Request to be heard in court

You must be the registered owner of the vehicle to complete this request. You can decline to be dealt with under these enforcement provisions, and request to have the matter dealt with by a court.

Request to be heard in court

Request a review by mail

To request a review by mail, the following information is required:

  • your name and address
  • your contact telephone number 
  • the infringement number
  • your vehicle registration
  • an explanation or appeal (If you were not the person in control of the vehicle at the time of the infringement, you will need to fill in an operator owner onus form (PDF, 626.02KB) supplying us with the name and address of the person that was in control of the vehicle at the time of offence).
  • Your appeal will be reviewed by our appeals team and an answer sent in the post.

Send your appeals in writing to:
The Appeals Officer
Bayside City Council
PO Box 27
Sandringham VIC 3191