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Past Access Gallery exhibitions


Jill Symes: Mining the abstract

10 October – 15 November 2015

Mining the Abstract was a landscape of freestanding ceramic sculptures inspired by Jill Symes' memories of road trips and camping sojourns. They reflected the artist's feelings of connection with the vast and extraordinary Australian terrain.

The forms were created from slabs of clay, which were used as canvases and painted from a palette of porcelain slips. The alchemy of the fire reveals the layers, brush marks and colours, transforming each piece into a new life.

Bethany Wheeler: Imprint, Place and Memory

21 February – 15 March 2015

Traces of the landscapes that we inhabit stay with us for the extent of our lives, developing a baseline for our sense of psyche and being. In Imprint, Place and Memory, a new body of work, Bethany Wheeler re-contextualised a geographical, historical and manifested sense of place, reflecting on a dialogue between the artist and The Red Bluff Cliffs in Black Rock, Victoria. A series of multi-media wall installations and sculptures that combined kiln formed glass, photography and locally foraged artefacts and specimens, such as insects, flora, ochre, sap, salt, charcoal and clay.

Antonietta Covino-Beehre and Marie-Louise Anderson: Double Entendre: Under the Southern Cross

17 January – 15 February 2015

Bringing together bodies of work by Antonietta Covino-Beehre and Marie-Louise Anderson, Double Entendre: Under the Southern Cross reflected the experience of an Australian way of life in relation to the land/landscape. Works included digital prints, etchings, lithographs, small installations and sculptures.


The Brighton Art Society: Remembering Jeanette Delbridge

29 November – 18 December 2014

A selection of portrait and figurative works created by members of the Brighton Art Society, established in 1978.

Tim Edwards and Jan Lewis: Estate

5 July – 3 August 2014

Estate included elegant sculptures and rippling paintings created by Brighton resident Tim Edwards and Batemans Bay painter Jan Lewis. Together these artists developed an exhibition of works that question the relationship between man and nature.

Kate Mackay, Francesca Mataraga and Sarah Newell: eclectic

24 May – 29 June 2014

eclectic featured the work of Kate Mackay, Francesca Mataraga and Sarah Newall, whose cross-disciplinary practices combine elements of painting, sculpture, design and installation.

This was The Gallery at BACC's first step into the exciting world of installation art.

Textile Connections

10 April – 4 May 2014

Textile Connections featured works by Geri Barr, Margaret Bennett, Barbara Bennetts, Rosalind Byass, Cris Feely, Bronwen Gibbs, Judith Lawler, Dawna Richardson-Hyde and Sharron Shalekoff.

For centuries, textiles have provided a significant insight into our past, as well as earning much respect and admiration from society as a whole. Today, in one way or another, textiles impact on each and every one of us, enriching our lives in both practical and aesthetic ways.

Mark Dober: Touching Nature

22 January – 23 February 2014

Touching Nature was a selection of Mark Dober's most recent paintings including several series created on location at Emu Creek, Trentham, the You Yangs and the Melbourne Botanical Gardens. Through these vibrant works Dober compares and contrasts the native, European, exotic and hybrid landscapes prominent throughout Victoria's pastoral and wild environments.


Brighton Secondary College VCE Arts and Technology 2013

23 November – 19 December 2013

The VCE students of Brighton Secondary College presented the outcomes of their final year Studio Arts, Visual Communication Design and Media Studies artistic explorations. The exhibition was a celebration of the talent and diversity of the art, design, textiles and media dreamt up by our local VCE graduates.

Adrian Spurr: Backyard Archaeology

17 August – 8 September 2013

Adrian Spurr's solo exhibition of sculptures and prints followed on from a successful year as winner of the Toorak Village Sculpture Prize and finalist in numerous Melbourne and nationally based awards. Spurr's practice spans two decades and is concerned physically and metaphorically with an exploration of surface and what lies beneath, a theme that permeated Backyard Archaeology.

Beaumaris Art Group: 1953 and Beyond

18 May –16 June 2013

1953 and beyond features works representing the breadth of talent developed through the Beaumaris Art Group from its founding in 1953. The group was initially formed by a small band of close friends, but the group steadily grew into an expansive not-for-profit organisation running workshops, art classes and exhibitions. With over 30 works ranging from paintings to ceramics, the exhibition marked a 60-year celebration of the dedication and achievements of Beaumaris Art Group.

Joanna Collyvas: Temenos ... Traversing Shadow and Light

11 May – 9 June 2013

This was the first solo exhibition of photographic works by Joanna Collyvas. Collyvas' work was exhibited in the 2012 Pink Lady Art Exhibition, where she was awarded the Emerging Artist Prize. The works in Temenos ... Traversing Shadow and Light were at once confronting and intimate, forcing the viewer to consider the symbolic and visceral nature of 'that which has been passed down through a long, long lineage of women'.


Brighton Secondary College VCE Arts and Technology 2012

30 November – 20 December 2012

The VCE students of Brighton Secondary College exhibited works from their final year Studio Arts, Visual Communication Design, Fashion & Textiles, Wood Work and Media studies.

This fabulous showcase of work celebrated the hard work and talent of our local VCE graduates.

Poppi O'Connor and Michelle Zuccolo: Visually Speaking

2 November– 25 November 2012

Poppi O'Connor and Michelle Zuccolo have lived in the Bayside area for almost two decades, teaching at secondary and tertiary level and tutoring community art groups in Brighton, Beaumaris, Glen Eira and at the Ring Road Art Studios.

Strongly influenced by their respective experiences working as arts educators, their practices reflect a passion for the analytical and a curiosity pertaining to the world around them. Inspired by the landscape, the figure and still life forms, Visually speaking celebrated the diversity of contemporary painting and drawing.

Ann Howie and Judi Singleton: Two Seas

11 August – 9 September 2012

Ann Howie and Judi Singleton were founding members of Roar Studios, Melbourne's first artist run initiative established in Fitzroy in 1982. Two Seas highlighted the significance of Port Phillip Bay and the Victorian coastline as a source of inspiration, while engaging with the sea as a long-standing symbol for the human psyche. Using oils, gouache, watercolour, pastel and ceramic, the vibrant works explored the physical beauty of the ocean and its powerful ability to evoke emotions.

Creative Diversions: Visions of Seven

9 June – 8 July 2012

Creative diversions: Visions of Seven showcased the work of seven Melbourne artists, friends who lived in and around the Bayside region with a diverse range of artistic backgrounds. Artworks included paintings, prints, photographs and graphic designs.

Neil Wallace and Steffie Wallace: Visual Contrasts: The Bayside Art Trail

26 May – 17 June 2012

Having lived in Brighton for many years, Neil Wallace and Steffie Wallace presented fresh approach to artistic renditions of the surrounding terrain in Visual Contrasts: The Bayside Art Trail.

While both artists' painting styles are impressionistic, Wallace used vibrant colours and bold brushwork to achieve a spontaneous effect in his works, while Wallace favoured blended layers and subtle tones, achieving a more atmospheric result.

Marion Chapman and Jo Reitze: Come into the garden

21 January – 12 February 2012

After meeting at the Melbourne Society of Women Painters and Sculptors in 2008, Marion Chapman and Jo Reitze worked towards exhibiting their respective bodies of paintings depicting gardens together. The shimmering impressionistic works in Come into the garden emphasised contrast and colour rather than fine botanical detail. Concerned with immortalising a vista as opposed to producing images, which look objectively real, this exhibition celebrated a shared love for the diversity found in the suburban garden.