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Peterson Reserve

Update 4:30pm 13 September 2017

A clearance certificate has been issued certifying that the Peterson Reserve is now clear of asbestos and is safe for public use.

Before reopening the site to the public, Council will complete one final inspection of the broader area on 14 September.  

The action comes after small pieces of fibro sheet containing asbestos were found in the grounds of Petersen Reserve in Highett.

Hazardous materials experts have investigated the site and have advised that the materials represented a very low level of risk to the community. 


Current status

  • Hazardous material experts, Identifibre Pty Ltd have completed investigation and remediation works
  • Indentifibre Pty Ltd have now issued a clearance certificate meaning the area is safe for public use
  • The investigation area will remain closed until after 14 September while Council completes one final inspection of the site
  • Identifibre Pty Ltd have confirmed that the materials represented a very low risk to the public
  • 600 neighbouring residents have been notified by letter
  • Council is conducting inspections of other recently opened playgrounds as a precautionary measure however there is no indication for that any other areas are affected
  • The firm who built the recently completed playground have informed Council that they did not identify any asbestos materials during construction.
  • Council is working to identify the source of the materials but reports suggest that they have most likely been buried on site for many years.
  • Members of the public are asked to refrain from entering the fenced area.

Next steps

Following the issuing of the clearance certificate on 13 September Council will now:

  • Conduct three monthly inspections of the area
  • Receive a Division 5 Asbestos Risk Assessment Report from Indentifibre Pty Ltd on the affected area; and
  • The site will be listed on Bayside’s asbestos management program and will be inspected on an ongoing basis.


On Wednesday 6 September 2017 Council received a report from a member of the public stating that materials that potentially contained asbestos had been located in the grounds adjacent to the newly opened playground in the Peterson Reserve, Highett.  In response to this Council’s contractor visited the site and collected between 15 and 20 small pieces of fibro sheet.

The materials were then sent for testing and on Friday 8 September 2017 Council was informed that the materials had tested positive for asbestos. Council acted immediately to install a perimeter fence to stop access to the site and the adjacent playground.

Staff returned to the site and identified further pieces of the ‘fibro sheet’ materials.  

On Tuesday 12 September2017, Identifibre Pty Ltd - an Asbestos Hygiene Management Service contractor, commenced work on the site.  Further investigation by Indentifibre Pty Ltd. indicated the need to expand the investigation area. As a result the perimeter fencing was extended, and remediation works commenced. 

On Wednesday 13 September 2017 Council received written confirmation from Identifibre Pty Ltd that the materials presented a very low risk to the park users and neighbouring residents.

The site will remain fenced until Council receives certification that the site is free of fibro board and safe for public use.

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