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Places to walk your dog in Brighton and Brighton East

Brighton and Brighton East have 8 locations where you can walk your dog. These range from off leash areas all year round to locations that have time restrictions or prohibited areas.

Dogs must be on a leash at all times throughout Bayside unless you are located in a designated off leash area during the appropriate times.

Off leash areas in Brighton and Brighton East

  • Dendy Park
  • Elsternwick Park
  • Hurlingham Park
  • Sandown Street Beach
  • William Street Reserve

Map legend

Colour Permissions
Green Dogs permitted off leash all year round

April to October

Colour Permissions
Orange Dogs permitted off leash at all times
Light blue Dogs permitted off leash at all times

November to March time restrictions

Colour Times Permissions
Orange 7.30pm to sunrise Dogs must be on leash
  Sunrise to 10am Dogs permitted off leash
  10am to 7.30pm Dogs are prohibited
Light blue 7.30pm to 10am Dogs permitted off leash
  10am to 7.30pm Dogs prohibited

Areas displayed on the map below are approximate. Please check the signage at the location for regions and time restrictions.

Other places to walk your dog