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Planning checklists

Planning checklists, instruction sheets and general information

Planning application checklists

Single dwelling and buildings and works to an existing dwelling (PDF, 245.12KB)

Development of 2 to 5 dwellings (PDF, 246.79KB)

Development of 6 or more dwelling (PDF, 339.72KB)

Remove, destroy or lop 2 or more trees (PDF, 235.13KB)

Use only (including liquor licence, car parking/ loading and unloading of vehicles/ bicycle parking reduction, advertising signage) (PDF, 237.94KB)

Subdivision of land, removal or variation of an easement and removal or variation of a registered restrictive covenant (PDF, 313.59KB)

VicSmart Checklists

Construct a front fence in a residential zone (PDF, 282.52KB)

Remove, destroy or lop 1 tree (PDF, 73.11KB)

Minor subdivision, minor buildings and works, painting or tree lopping in a heritage overlay (PDF, 260.84KB)

Minor subdivision or construct a building or works in a special building overlay (PDF, 482.39KB)

Display a sign in a commercial or industrial zone (PDF, 283.21KB)

Reduce a car parking requirement (PDF, 243.76KB)

Reduce or waive loading/unloading requirements (PDF, 243.92KB)

Instruction sheets

How to get a copy of title (PDF, 571.30KB)

Understanding VicSmart (PDF, 263.69KB)

Single dwellings or extensions on lots under 500sqm in the NRZ3 or GRZ1, GRZ6, GRZ8 (PDF, 426.92KB)


Bayside Planning Scheme

Planning property reports  

General information

Fences Act 1968 (PDF, 174.58KB)

Landscape Guidelines

Metropolitan Planning Levy (PDF, 113.44KB)