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Planning application and amendment forms

Planning permit application

Planning permit application form (PDF, 97.35KB)

Planning application permit form guide (PDF, 185.57KB)

Permit amendments

Amend a planning permit form (PDF, 104.08KB)

Planning permit amendment form guide (PDF, 185.85KB)

Amend plans under a secondary consent

Apply and pay online

Submit your condition 1 plans

Submit your plans online

Amendments to current permit applications

Submit your amendment online

Extensions of time

Request and pay online

Statutory declaration

Statutory declaration form (PDF, 29.77KB)

Statutory declaration form (DOCX, 69.93KB)

VicSmart permit application

Some low-impact works are covered under the VicSmart process. These include some types of subdivision, building a front fence or waiving car parking. Find out more about these quick and easy planning permits.

VicSmart application permit form (PDF, 248.10KB)

Request planning information

You can request planning information about a property for a fee.


Apply for a report and consent for a proposed demolition (Section 29A).

Apply and pay online