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Planning for local shops

Planning for local shops

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Council is introducing guidelines for all new development at 33 small shopping strips across Bayside.

The changes are being introduced in Planning Amendment C126 to the Bayside Planning Scheme and recognise our local shopping strips as an important part of Bayside’s landscape, providing independent stores with unique offerings, daily conveniences, local employment and a range of services.

Council is seeking to protect local shopping strips, bearing in mind that there are limited places where these businesses can operate.

A number of smaller shopping centres have been identified as locations where small-scale residential developments can be built with apartment living above shops. Allowing new housing above shops works towards keeping inappropriate development out of residential streets and bring life and activity to Bayside’s shopping strips.

C126 includes guidelines to ensure the height and design of any new development is suited to Bayside’s character.

Amendment C126 also proposes to rezone a number of small shopping strips to provide a stronger emphasis on retail in some circumstances and to encourage a better mix of offices in others.

Shops and new developments in these centres will be required to have active frontages at ground floor level. This means being able to see into the building from the street, promoting a good mix of uses, activity and a feeling of people being around.

All property owners within small shopping strips have been sent letters outlining the proposed changes.

Find out more or to have your say on Planning Amendment C126.

Submissions close 24 April 2017.