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Pre-season code of conduct

This pre-season code of conduct has been adopted as a regional approach between the Cities of Bayside, Kingston, Port Phillip and Parks Victoria.

We are committed to providing a balanced and sensitive response to the issue of the sustainability of our sportsgrounds, whilst also supporting all local sporting clubs.

Apply for pre-season training access on Council sportsgrounds

Sportsground usage

The management of use to minimise the deterioration of sportsgrounds is necessary to support our approach to maintaining sporting grounds for community sport throughout the home and away season.

We will continue to work with all sporting clubs and peak sporting associations and leagues to provide safe and appropriate playing venues for our community, wherever possible. Your club plays an important role in ensuring that sporting ovals are appropriately managed.

Your clubs support for this pre-season code of conduct is essential to ensure you have the best possible surface for the tenancy season. This support will be illustrated by your club through:

  • Not conducting any team training activities on sportsgrounds prior to receiving our approval.
  • Educating your players/coaches/staff/volunteers regarding your club’s responsibilities in relation to sportsground management.
  • In-season club competition is the highest priority of the sporting associations, Council and clubs and therefore there is restricted training and pre-season game conditions.
  • Set the example for the community by adhering to this Code of Conduct.
  • Exploring alternative training activities to meet your club’s needs in preparation for the upcoming seasons.

Winter 2019

Council will assess the condition of sportsgrounds in early December 2018 and if conditions permit, access for winter pre-season training at grounds will be available from 21 January 2019 (seniors) 

Days available for use at sportsgrounds are subject to active tenants use.

Apply for pre-season training access to our sportsgrounds


Winter 2019

Regular pre-season training on our sportsgrounds will be permitted (subject to ground inspection) upon application from 21 January 2019 (seniors) and 18 February 2019 (juniors) to 31 March 2019. The regular winter season use of sportsgrounds will commence on 1 April 2019.

  • All clubs must submit an application stating their preferred pre-season training days using the ‘pre-season application’ form.
  • Council will assess the applications for pre-season training and confirm the allocated training schedule for each club.
  • A maximum of two sessions per week (Maximum of two hours per session) for seniors and two sessions per week for juniors for any club will be permitted subject to the condition of the ground and current active tenancy allocated use.
  • Penalties will apply for all unauthorised use of sporting ovals.
  • There is to be no pre-season training on any Council sportsground prior to receiving Council approval.
  • Practice matches will not be considered until the end of the active tenant’s home and away season. Applications to conduct a practice match will be made separately and will be based on sportsground availability (finals commitments) and the season handover maintenance schedule.
  • Clubs are not permitted to cross municipal boundaries to make unauthorised use of open space or sporting fields at any time.

Summer 2019/20

Pre-season training in cricket nets is available from Wednesday 21 August 2019 – Sunday 29 September 2019. No access to sportsground surfaces will be authorised until full summer tenancy commences on 1 October 2019.

Days available for use (subject to incumbent tenants use) are Wednesday and Sunday.

Pre-season on sportsgrounds

  • Training is only permitted on the allocated training days.
  • All players are to wear only rubber soled shoes (runners/sneakers) - spikes, cleats or stops are not to be worn until the tenancy season commences. Clubs must assess the safety of conducting training in rubber soled shoes.
  • Use will only be permitted for team based training activities and does not include the conduct of clinics or development programs.
  • Rotate your training drills to maintain an even spread of use across the entire sportsground (i.e. not just in front of the pavilion).
  • All training equipment and litter is to be removed at the completion of each training session.
  • This allocation does not include access to pavilions – please liaise directly with the incumbent tenant if you require pavilion access.

Pre-season in open space areas

  • Clubs may wish to conduct informal training sessions in open space areas – but is not permitted on dog off leash areas, significant gardens, near playgrounds, barbecues or picnic areas or on the playing surface of sportsgrounds. If in doubt, please contact our Recreation Development Officer for advice on (03) 9599 4370.
  • An appropriate risk assessment should be carried out on the area before training commences.
  • We recommend that you seek advice from your local league regarding public liability cover and risk assessment process before conducting any training activities in public open space.
  • Training will not be exclusive use, sharing will be required with the general public and cooperation is necessary when more than one team wish to train (i.e. agree on a shorter period of training or limit sessions to a smaller space and share larger areas).
  • Avoid training at beaches on hot nights and respect the right of the public to enjoy without interference.
  • Do not damage trees and avoid sensitive vegetation areas along foreshore or reserves.
  • Ensure open space is appropriate and safe for your training needs. Consideration must be shown to the dangers of escaping balls affecting nearby roads, houses or other park users.