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Public Toilet Strategy

The Public Toilet Strategy outlines how to meet community and visitor needs in relation to location, accessibility, safety and quality of public toilets.

The strategy covers all public toilet facilities within Bayside, with the exception of those already under construction, recently implemented, or scheduled for construction within the near future.

The key output of the strategy is to propose a forward program of works that focus on facilities which are considered to be poorly performing and/or in high profile locations where the upgrade will deliver the greatest benefit to the community.

We will consider the construction of new public toilets in locations:

  • that are busy, high profile or high demand
  • where there is an existing/predicted demand or where community feedback has already indicated a need
  • where the distance to the nearest public toilet is unreasonable, or the current location is considered ‘unsafe’
  • where existing toilets are not disability accessible and unable to be upgraded
  • where a lack of public toilets encourages unacceptable antisocial behaviour.