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Quick and easy planning permits

Some low-impact works to your property may be eligible for a simple and fast planning permit assessment process, known as VicSmart. The types of works that may be covered under this process include some types of subdivision, building a front fence or waiving car parking.

How are VicSmart permits different to other planning permits?

Applications made through the VicSmart permit process do not need to be publicly advertised and planning decisions must be made within 10 business days.

What types of work can be covered by VicSmart permits?

VicSmart may be used for:

  • minor subdivision
  • buildings and works
  • tree removal and lopping
  • small advertising signs
  • car parking and loading bay waivers.

Speak to us to see if you could use this fast-track process.

Applicants who undertake this process will still have a right of review at VCAT if their application is refused.

You can read more about VicSmart at www.planning.vic.gov.au

How can I apply for a VicSmart permit?

Complete the VicSmart planning permit application (PDF, 281.95KB).

Then send to us via:

Send by mail

Bayside City Council
Planning Department
PO Box 27
Sandringham VIC 3191

Deliver in person

Bayside City Council
76 Royal Avenue
Sandringham VIC 3191


We have created checklists to help you collate your application information.


Works in heritage or special building overlays

Parking or loading requirements