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Register your shop or business for Shops on Show 2017

Christmas is upon us and Bayside is celebrating the festive season by kicking off the annual Shops on Show competition on Monday 27th November. All Bayside businesses are encouraged to bring vibrancy to their shop, street and community by decorating their windows and registering to be part of this fun competition. It’s a great opportunity to have your business name and photo displayed on our website as well as giving your customers the chance to win from a prize pool of over $2,000.

Also, any Christmas specials you promote and update on your business website will be linked to your Shops on Show registration information on our website. The competition will be marketed extensively throughout Bayside and all registered businesses will receive voting slips and an in-store voting box.  This enables your customers to vote in-store as well as go online.

So register your decorated shop window below and be part of the Bayside Christmas celebrations!

Christmas in Bayside - Shops on Show

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