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Report and consents

Application processing times

Due to a large influx of report and consent applications, processing times are taking longer than expected.

We understand the impacts this may have on your project and apologise for any inconvenience. We are working hard to reduce time delays.

Report and consents

Siting requirements for single dwellings and outbuildings

The siting requirements for a single dwelling and any associated outbuildings on a site with an area exceeding 500m2, can be found in Divisions 2, 3 and 4 of Part 5 of the Building Regulations 2018.  However, allotments in the City of Bayside vary the sitting requirements of the building regulations above as they are in a zone of the planning scheme that is specified in Schedule 6 of the Building Regulations in respect of regulations 74, 76, 79 and 89, which vary the siting requirement of these regulations.

The regulations specify the minimum standards that apply to: building heights, setbacks, site coverage, open space, maximum impermeable surfaces, daylight and solar access requirements, overlooking and overshadowing, specified in Part 5.  The schedule 6 additional requirements apply to front setbacks, side and rear setbacks, site coverage and front fence heights.  These schedule 6 requirements are on our information sheet. (PDF, 317.55KB) 

Information sheet - Siting requirements for a single (one) dwelling and the associated outbuildings on sites greater than 500m2 (PDF, 317.55KB)

This process is set out in Schedule 2 Parts (4), (4a) & (5), and Section 188A of the Building Act 1993 refers to the relevant Minister's Guidelines that need to be met before consent to vary the siting requirements can be given.

Please refer to the application form (that sets our fees), an information sheet (that sets out what documents need to be submitted in respect of a report and consent application) and the nearby affected neighbours comment form.

The Bayside Neighbourhood Character Review, which needs to be referred to in terms of neighbourhood character, is part of the Minister's Guidelines and Bayside Neighbourhood Character precinct brochures.

You will need to establish which neighbourhood character precinct a specific site is situated before accessing the appropriate precinct brochure. This can be done by contacting the Statutory Planning Department on (03) 9599 4444.

Bayside siting

Changes to the Part 5 siting requirements of the building regulations 2018

The Bayside Planning Scheme is referenced in Schedule 6 of the Building Regulations 1994 and came into effect on 1 June 2004. This means that any building works must comply with these amended siting provisions as detailed in the schedules to the zone, which are incorporated within the Bayside Planning Scheme.

These amended siting provisions impact on the application of the Building Regulations 2018, Part 5, in particular, the following regulations:

  • Regulation 74 Minimum Street Setbacks
  • Regulation 76 Site Coverage
  • Regulation 79 Side and Rear Setbacks
  • Regulation 89 Front Fence Height.


Council report and consent application for siting matters (PDF, 387.54KB)

Adjoining owner comment form for Council report and consent application (PDF, 597.91KB)

Guidelines for adjoining owner comments (PDF, 411.95KB)

Council report and consent application for non-siting matters Reg 116 (PDF, 860.55KB)

Council report and consent application for non-siting matters (PDF, 564.40KB)

Amendment to Council report and consent (PDF, 354.43KB)

Comments required on siting matters (PDF, 465.60KB)