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Report the missed removal of your old general waste bin

new red lid bin with a tick and old green bin with a cross

Every council in Victoria is required to have the same coloured bin system by 2030 in line with State Government requirements. This includes general waste bins having a red lid.

You don’t have to do a thing until you receive your new bin.

Here’s how it works:

  • Your new red-lid bin will be delivered to your nature strip a few days before your usual general waste collection (with a tag that has changeover instructions attached).
  • Take the new red-lid bin in and start using it.
  • Put your old dark green bin out on your next collection day (with rubbish in it).
  • This bin will be emptied as normal – but leave it out!
  • It will then be taken away within the following week.

Use the below form to report a missed removal of your old general waste bin

Request the removal of your old general waste bin

Has your new red-lidded bin been delivered?
Has your old dark green bin been taken away?

Please fill out the form below so we can return and remove your old general waste bin.

We're sorry to hear you're currently without a general waste bin. We'll get a new bin delivered to you as soon as possible.

Please complete the following details and hit submit.

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Is there anything else we can help you with?

You should have received a new bin that is the same size as the bin you previously had. For most people, this will be a 140L size. Some of the older style 140L Bayside general waste bins may appear bigger than the new style general waste bin, however, they have the same capacity. You can check the size of your bin by looking at the side of the bin for its size.

If you were not delivered the correctly sized bin, please complete the form below.

Please place your old dark green bin out on your next general waste collection day and leave it out, even after it has been emptied.

Please be patient as it may take a few days for your bin to be removed after it has been emptied.

It’s wheelie important to leave your old dark green bin out, even after it has been emptied.

Tip: to prevent people from putting rubbish in your bin, once it has been emptied you can tape it shut or turn it upside down if you can.

Is there anything else we can help you with?
What else can we help you with?

We're sorry your additional general waste bin was not changed. Please provide your details below and we will get back to you.

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Why we're making the change

Every Council in Victoria is required to transition to a standardised bin system with uniform bin colours by 2030.

These changes include:

  • Red-lidded general waste bins
  • Green-lidded food and green waste bins (called food organics and garden organics FOGO)
  • Yellow-lidded recycling bins
  • The introduction of a separate glass recycling service.

This is part of the Victorian Government’s Circular Economy Strategy to cut waste and boost reuse and recycling. The aim is to have the same household bin system, no matter where you live.

We won’t be changing the recycling bin or introducing a separate glass service just yet but we will keep you informed when we do.

Why aren't we just replacing the lid?

We are unable to simply change the lids due to the variety of different bin types that are currently in use across the community. These bins are from a range of suppliers which require different lids and hinge points.

It would be logistically challenging and inefficient to try and retrofit the diversity of bins that exist. The reason we’ve opted for a black body is that they can be made of higher recycled content.

The old bins will get recycled locally in Cheltenham at Astron Plastics and will be recycled into new bins.