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Request a small general waste wheelie bin

You can downsize your general waste bin from a 140L to an 80L and reduce the waste charge on your annual rate notice.

What is the cut-off date for this year’s rate notice?

To ensure you are charged for the smaller general waste bin on the next annual rate notice, please submit this form by 22 June 2018.

How will this change be calculated?

You will receive a supplementary rate notice showing your adjusted waste charge. This will be calculated pro rata and backdated. Supplementary notices are issued every 3–4 months.

What do I need to do to get my bin exchanged?

The bin needs to be empty and on your nature strip to be exchanged.

If the bin has rubbish in it, put it out for collection on your normal date and leave it out. It will be exchanged 2 working days after your rubbish is collected.

Over the next four to six weeks we’ll be gradually replacing bins so please continue to use your current bin as you usually do. The only thing that we need you to do is to leave your bin out for an extra day each time you put it out for collection.  This means that when we do come around to replace your bin we’ll be collecting your old bin.

Your details
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Please place your bin on the nature strip and it will be exchanged within the next 2–3 working days.

After your next collection, please leave your bin on the nature strip and it will be exchanged within the next 2 working days.