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Resonance program guidelines

Are you interested in being part of our Resonance music program? Find out about the requirements. 

Program management

Our Cultural Development Officer is responsible for:

  • developing
  • marketing
  • ticketing (where negotiated with the participating organisation)
  • general support of Resonance.

This includes collating the music program from the participating organisations and producing the series brochure and other marketing material. 

We will mail out to the organisations’ mailing lists and the Arts and Culture mailing list. Where negotiated with a participating organisations, we will provide staff on the day of the performance, a float to provide change for ticket purchases.

Participating organisation requirements

  1. To develop the music and performance program in-line with the vision and goals of the program.
  2. Identify the kind of musical group they are: trio, ensemble, group, orchestra, choir, voice, instrumentalist/s or performers.
  3. Identify the style of music or performance the group play or perform and how many performers.
  4. Identify how long the group has been formed and where the group is based.
  5. Identify what venues or events they have performed in or at.
  6. In collaboration with us, the participating organisation is to determine dates, times and locations of performances including venue booking.
  7. Applicants are required to supply details of at least 2 professional referees in support of their application.
  8. Short-listed artists may be required to attend an interview, in person or by telephone.
  9. To organise and confirm participation by musicians to deliver the proposed program.
  10. To organise all rehearsal, including venue requirements.
  11. To organise all logistics associated with the performance(s).
  12. To provide details of the proposed program(s) and content for the marketing brochure which should include:
    • an overview of the organisation 
    • a sample of the performance program and program overview
    • a bio of the artists performing
    • a minimum of 3 images of the performers.
  13. To be available for marketing opportunities.
  14. Invite the Mayor to introduce a minimum of 1 concert per series.
  15. To distribute marketing collateral through the partners distribution network.
  16. To support the Resonance brand.
  17. Any marketing collateral produced by the program partner to promote their concert/s that are included under the Resonance Music Series brand must include our logo and must be submitted to us for approval prior to printing and distribution. Where possible this marketing should include elements of the Resonance Music Series branding.
  18. To provide a representative at each performance to assist with ticketing. 
  19. The program partner agrees to perform and support our initiatives and to survey and obtain feedback from attendees to the Resonance Music Series concerts with a view to continuous improvements of the program.

Assessment criteria

  • Demonstrated experience in facilitating a quality music program – 40%
  • Demonstrated experience in collaborating with local government and/or not for profit organisations – 30%
  • Proven experience in managing budgets, resourcing and project teams – 15%
  • Strong understanding of occupational health and safety – 15%

Selection process

The selection process will be conducted by a panel comprising 2 Arts and Culture department representatives, and 1 industry expert. Final selections are to be approved by the Executive Manager Communications, Customer and Cultural Services.

Outside of the Resonance Music Series expression of interest and selection process,we reserve the right to select other performers or performance groups that complement the series and our other art and culture programs.