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Retail, Commercial and Employment Strategy (C150)

Amendment C150 implements the Retail, Commercial and Employment Strategy 2016 into the Bayside Planning Scheme to guide the future commercial growth of our employment areas.

Implementing the Retail, Commercial and Employment Strategy will assist us to provide for a sustainable economy that responds to the needs of the current and future Bayside community.

Amendment C150 provides the framework to grow Bayside's commercial precincts, including the Bayside Business District, in order to capitalise on the strengths of these areas. 

To find out more, view the planning scheme amendment documents below.

What happens next?

Council is considering the recommendations of the independent Planning Panel appointed to consider submissions to C150. A report will then be presented to Council outlining how we should proceed with C150. 

View the Panel Report

View the amendment documents

These documents highlight the changes to the Bayside Planning Scheme. 

Explanatory Report (DOC, 58.00KB)

Changes to Clause 21.02 - Key Issues and Strategic Vision (DOCX, 6.41MB)

Changes to Clause 21.03 - Settlement and Housing (DOCX, 2.25MB)

Changes to Clause 21.06 - Built Environment and Heritage (DOCX, 2.27MB)

Changes to Clause 21.07 - Economic Development (DOCX, 2.28MB)

Changes to Clause 21.10 - Infrastructure (DOCX, 5.39MB)

Changes to Clause 21.11 - Local Areas (DOCX, 8.68MB)

Changes to the Business Employment Area Policy (Clause 22.04) (DOCX, 5.32MB)

Changes to the Gaming Policy (Clause 22.09) (DOC, 52.50KB)

Changes to the Table of Contents (DOC, 1.17MB)

Changes to the List of Amendments (DOC, 4.56MB)

Instruction Sheet (DOC, 42.00KB)

View the Retail, Commercial and Employment Strategy

How can I find out more?

The amendment documentation is available for public inspection, free of charge, during office hours at the following places:

If you would like to stay up to date on the status of the amendment without making a submission, you can subscribe for email updates on this and other amendments. 

For any questions, contact our Strategic Planning department on (03) 9599 4631 or email planningstrategy [at] bayside.vic.gov.au (subject: Amendment%20C150%20Enquiry)