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Rob Grinter

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Councillor Rob Grinter

Councillor Rob Grinter was elected to Bayside City Council in November 2016. Cr Grinter was elected Deputy Mayor and Chairman of the Planning and Amenity Committee for 2017/18. Cr Grinter is a member of the Bayside City Council Audit Committee and the Tourism Committee, and served as a member of the CEO Employment Committee for 2016/17.

A ten-year plus resident of Hampton, Cr Grinter is Melbourne born and bred and knows no better place to live than Bayside. Operating a business in Hampton while raising two teenaged children with his wife, Cr Grinter has been self-employed almost his entire working life. Firstly in a technical engineering business, he now owns and operates an omni-channel sport electronics company.

As President of the Hampton Street Traders Association between 2011 and 2014, combined with his role as a member of the Rotary and of the Bayside Community 2025 Reference Committee, Cr Grinter has had involvement with a large number of local matters.

Cr Grinter is a passionate advocate for a range of community issues including improved commuter parking and public transport, the rejuvenation of major activity centres and sporting facilities, improved library services, quality maternal health facilities, and enhanced services for the Bayside senior citizen community.

While he supports appropriate development in the fast-changing Melbourne landscape, Cr Grinter is dedicated to maintaining the existing character. Cr Grinter is also steadfastly dedicated to ensuring Council not only reaches a debt-free position in 2018, he holds strong opinions that Council should remain debt-free in the years ahead. Fiscal responsibility is a major focus of his four year term.