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Runaway pets reunited in no time

Bayside's 99.3% return rate means lost dogs are soon reunited with their owners

Thursday, September 7, 2017

If Lassie lived in Bayside there may never have been enough material for the loveable Collie to make it to the big screen – why? Because with Bayside’s 99 % plus success rate in reuniting lost dogs and cats with their worried owners, she would have been back home, snuggled up on the couch in time for dinner.

Almost all of the 205 pets picked up on Bayside streets last year - a number steadily decreasing from 342 in 2010 – saw the animals back home with their families within 24 hours of taking themselves on the unscheduled walk.

And it’s all down to Bayside’s hugely successful day stay facility located within Bayside’s boundary.

“It means the lost pets remain close for the first 24 hours where possible,” explains Animal Management Officer Diane Rosthorn “instead of being ferried off to the pound in Cranbourne.

The initiative is saving pet owners time, money and travel time to find their missing family member.

Owners pay a reduced fee to have them released from the day stay facility.

“But most importantly, it causes a lot less stress on the animals and the families that have been worried about them,” says Diane.

Bayside’s 99.3% return rates for lost dogs and cats compares with 69 % in the City of Kingston, 67% in the City of Glen Eira and 61% in the City of Stonnington.*

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*source: Know Your Council website knowyourcouncil.vic.gov.au