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Satisfaction Survey

Library staff help a woman at a counter

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Satisfaction Survey shows Council on par with peers

The release of this year’s Community Satisfaction Scores shows that Council is continuing to score well in most key services areas and is sitting broadly on par with the metropolitan average.

Bayside City Council Mayor, Cr Alex del Porto said that while there had been small drops in some score levels, the community were broadly satisfied with how Council delivers the bulk of its core services.

“This year’s overall community satisfaction score is broadly consistent with our scores over across the past five years and within one point of the average for metropolitan councils,” Cr del Porto said.

“We continue to perform well in many of our key service areas such as libraries, public spaces, waste management, recreational facilities and roads.

“We know through data obtained as part of our Community Plan that these areas are very important for our community.

“That is why over the next four years Council will undertake a record $162 million investment to enhance our community infrastructure as part of our commitment to further improving the liveability of our community.”

While Council has scored generally well, the survey indicates that further work is required in areas related to planning, building and customer service.

“Council is aware that over the past few years on delivery of planning and building services has been challenged by large sustained increases in applications numbers and changes in the planning scheme,” Cr del Porto said.

“This is why Council has recently undertaken some major changes to increase the service capacity of our planning team. 

“This has seen Council double the number of Planning Meetings for the rest of this year and staffing numbers increased to help ensure applications are processed in a timelier manner.

“While these changes are still in their infancy, Council expects that our community will notice major improvements in planning and building functions over the course of the next eighteen months processing times are decreased and systems are improved.”

Council is also working to make significant improvements in its customer service accessibility.

“In 2016 Council implemented a new customer-focused website and we are working to bring an increasing number of our customer interactions online to enable our residents to access services at times that are convenient to them,” Cr del Porto said.

Community Engagement is another area where Council is working to make improvements.

“Delivering our community’s aspiration for Bayside is a key focus for Council under our new Council Plan,” Cr del Porto said.

“Built on the strong foundation of our Community Plan which saw feedback from over 1200 people, through the Council Plan, we are determined to ensure that our community see their feedback, thoughts and expectations in the work we do.

“Over the past years Council has been working to expand its internal capabilities in community engagement.

“While there is still work to be done in this area, residents and ratepayers can rest assured that Council takes their feedback very seriously and is continuously striving to deliver the high quality services and evidence based policies that they expect.”

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