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School Holiday Program FAQs

Find out more about our school holiday program with these frequently asked questions.

Why does the program only cater to young people aged between 10–17 years of age?

We offer a range of programs for young people aged 10–25 years of age. The School holiday program caters to young people aged 10–17 years old as we have found a majority of young people aged over 17 have other commitments such as work and study. By having a limited age range there is also higher likelihood young people will meet other young people their same age.

Can I claim the childcare benefit?

No, the School Holiday Program is a Youth Services program, and according to the Department of Education and Early Childhood it is not required to be an “Approved Service” under the National Education and Children’s Services Law Act 2010 and National Education and Children’s Services Regulations. All of our programs and groups work on developing the skills and independence of the young people who attend and is therefore not a childcare service.

Please Note a 50% discount is available to young people who are Bayside residents and/or students named on a healthcare card or equivalent. These details can be entered online when making a booking.

Why do Non-Bayside residents and students incur an additional daily fee?

As the School holiday program is subsidised by Council for Bayside residents and students, Non-Bayside residents and students may be able to access the program but cannot access the discounted fees. The fees advertised account for the activity cost, lunch and transport (when applicable) prices. Non-Bayside user fees include the additional costs for administration and staffing. If you live outside the Bayside area please check with your local council to see if they run a similar program.

I am unavailable when bookings open or I don't have access to a computer, how can I make a booking?

All bookings are made online, meaning they can be completed on a computer, tablet or smart phone at your own convenience. If you do not have access to these Bayside City Council libraries can provide access with their public computers to members or visit Bayside City Council's corporate centre where a Youth Services staff member can assist. Some activities are very popular and can fill up quickly meaning that it is best to sign up on the first day of booking. If you are unable to do the booking yourself then perhaps another family member or trusted friend could make the booking on your behalf.