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School's back - park safely

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

School is back this week so parking restrictions in school zones are now in force. This includes timed parking and no stopping areas.

Safety is Council’s highest priority when establishing and enforcing parking restrictions.

Restrictions such as 2 minute “Kiss n Go” areas and other timed parking limits are designed to provide safe areas for children around schools during peak drop off and pick times.

“Kiss n Go” areas are designed (and only work effectively) if parents drop off or pick up their children and move on. If you want to park and go into school grounds, please use alternative parking spots so other parents can use “Kiss n Go” during peak times.

Between 8.15-9.00am and 3-4pm weekdays, all Council’s parking officers are actively patrolling around schools as a priority.

Many schools request additional patrols due to concerns with student safety and illegal parking.

Bayside’s School Crossing Supervisors also play an important role in ensuring safety around schools.  Bayside has 56 school crossings and Crossing Supervisors are much loved members of school communities.

40km speed limits are also back for school days – please slow down in these zones.

More information on parking in Bayside.