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Series: Who are the artists in your neighbourhood?

Interior photograph of a gallery featuring works of art on the wall and sculptures on a plinth in the foreground.

The Bayside area is home to a pool of creative minds. In the series Who are the artists in your neighbourhood?, we will get to know some of our talented artists, learn about their practice and influences and they will offer behind the scenes insights into their creative spaces.


Meet Bayside artist Gregory Alexander

Man standing at an easel which holds a painting of a tree. He is surrounded by vegetation, the tree he paints is in front of him to the right.

Gregory Alexander's recent works are painted en plein air and feature iconic sites around Bayside including Ricketts Point and Green Point in Brighton. Gregory is interested in depicting his immediate locale and recording how the landscape transforms over several months as a result of changes in weather and light. This process of documentation provides local audiences with a unique insight into the subtle changes that occur throughout the year along the foreshore and coastal area of Bayside.


Bayside Gallery recently asked Gregory Alexander some questions about his art practice and his engagement with the beauty of the Bayside environment and its community.

Read Gregory's interview

Workshop activity

Gregory Alexander has created a fun workshop 'Recording observation of colour caused by light and weather' which is suitable for all ages. Please download by clicking on the link below. We would love to see your creations from this activity, please share them on Instagram and tag Bayside Gallery (@baysidegallery) and use the hashtag #baysidegalleryartactivity

Workshop activity (PDF, 787.82KB)

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