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View Fiona McMonagle's exhibition, Classy online

Bayside Gallery is delighted to bring you ‘Fiona McMonagle: Classy’ online.

Melbourne-based artist Fiona McMonagle is well-known for her watercolours that probe the darker side of pedestrian life in the suburbs.

Featuring watercolour, oil painting and animation works that span the last decade plus a series of new paintings, this major exhibition focuses on notions of class within Australian society, and recollections of suburban youth subculture.

Artist Fiona McMonagle in front of her exhibition at Bayside Gallery


Fiona McMonagle, Classy

The park at the end of my road

Guided tour of Classy

Bayside Gallery Curator Joanna Bosse takes us on a tour of Fiona McMonagle's exhibition.

Image of the week - Selfie

Please email your postal address to to receive a hard copy of the exhibition catalogue.