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Bayside: Portrait of place

Join us to rediscover Bayside through exceptional artworks from some of Australia's finest artists.

To celebrate Bayside Gallery's 10th anniversary, from 10 July to 17 October 2021, we brought together significant artworks from public and private collections dating from the mid-19th century to the present, selected by guest curator Andrew Gaynor.

These works reveal the artists’ engagement with Bayside and the important legacy of the area within Australian art history.

For the first time, this major exhibition brings together important works from esteemed artists such as Arthur Streeton, Tom Roberts, Frederick McCubbin, Clarice Beckett, Arthur Boyd, Sandra Leveson, Roger Kemp and Yvette Coppersmith amongst others.

Bayside: Portrait of place puzzle

Take the challenge, and put together our online jigsaw puzzle of Rob McHaffie's painting featured in the exhibition.

Online jigsaw puzzle

Behind the scenes

Take a closer look

Here's a look at the catalogue of works now exhibiting in Bayside: Portrait of place...

View the catalogue

Browse some of our featured works

 Artist Insight: Craig Gough

See if you can complete the puzzle of the artwork by artist Craig Gough of a familiar Sandringham scene. Craig’s painting Sandringham 20 is featured in Bayside: Portrait of place.

Sandringham scene puzzle

Artist Insights: Clarice Beckett 'Bathing boxes in the storm'


Curator Insights: 'Mid-century architecture in Bayside: Portrait of place'


Portrait of place competition

To celebrate the exhibition Bayside: Portrait of place, we invited our community to create their own Portrait of Place.

See the winners and entries here.


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