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Series: Who are the artists in your neighbourhood?

Installation view of an art exhibition

The Bayside area is home to a pool of creative minds. In the series Who are the artists in your neighbourhood?, we will get to know some of our talented artists, learn about their practice and influences as they offer behind the scene insights into their creative spaces.

Meet artist Catherine Pickop

Catherine Pickop smiles at the camera in front of two framed artworks of circular geometrical forms of golden hues.

Catherine Pickop’s work has been featured in the Bayside Local exhibitions and was a participant in our 2021 Billilla Artists Studio Program. Pickop’s practice is methodical, and at times intensely physical, yet the results are meditative and convey an affinity with the aesthetics of minimalism. Her most recent work relates to local flora, and she has used plants found in Bayside to create her latest artworks.

Bayside Gallery delves deeper into Catherine's motivations and the foundations of her art practice.  

Read Catherine's interview

Meet artist Kate Stewart

Kate Stewart seated in her art studio wearing an Akubra, looks thoughtfully up towards two paintings.

Now living and working in the house once owned by Australia’s well-known artists’ the Boyd familyKate Stewart continues the creative legacy of the Sandringham home to practice her own artistic career. Kate’s work has featured in Bayside Local, an exhibition that celebrates our very own local talent.

Bayside Gallery asked Kate what she's working on now and how her home environment has inspired her practice. 

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Meet artist Joiwind Lowe

Joiwind Lowe walks in a mall carries a paint bucket and pulls a fabric shopping trolley filled with rolled posters.

Having travelled throughout her life, Joiwind Lowe describes herself as ‘a great wanderer wherever I am’. She now embraces Bayside as her home. As an artist she has found inspiration from personal experiences, migrating and the political realities of our world. In 2018, Joiwind was one of seven artists selected as part of the Bayside Art Studio Program at Billilla Historical Mansion, Brighton, and the Gallery featured her photo printed fabric installation in the 2020 exhibition Greenworld.

Joiwind’s engagement with Baysiders and our public spaces continues to inspire her unique art practice. Have you met the artist Joiwind Lowe?

Read Joiwind's interview

Meet artist Michelle Zuccolo

Michelle Zuccolo sits in her studio holding pencil and open sketch book with a taxidermy fox and books in the background

In 2019, Bayside Gallery and the local art community were delighted at the news that Bayside artist Michelle Zuccolo had won the Rick Amor Self Portrait Prize with her self-portrait Augury. Awarded by artist Prudence Flint, Michelle's painting was selected from over 250 entries submitted from across Australia and overseas. Michelle has been a finalist for several art prizes including the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize, the British Portrait Award and the Bayside Acquisitive Art Award.

Bayside Gallery asked Michelle about her disciplined studio practice and tips for aspiring artists.

Read Michelle's interview

Meet ceramicist Jill Symes

Jill Symes smiles towards the camera leaning on a glass display case with ceramic vessels displayed inside.

 In 2020 Jill Symes was selected to be part of the Bayside Gallery’s annual exhibition Bayside Local which explored the theme of journey and discoveries.

Her ceramic installation ‘Pinched’ was a response to Jill’s journeys to the Australian outback which is a never-ending source of inspiration for her own practice.

Living and working in the Bayside environment of sea, bush and foreshore, keeps Jill connected to her love of the Australian landscape and provides a continuous resource for creativity.

Bayside Gallery asked Jill about her practice and how she remains connected and inspired to the Bayside environment in daily life through the medium of clay.

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Meet printmaker Lisa Sewards

Lisa Sewards stands beside her two framed etchings at Bayside Gallery

Professional printmaker and local Bayside artist, Lisa Sewards, was featured in the 2020 exhibition Bayside Local: journeys and discoveries where her stunning intaglio etchings were showcased. Working from her vintage warehouse studio in Highett, Lisa experiments with solar plate printing, which through process and creation have become a journey of discovery. Her inspiration is drawn from her family history, books and engaging with the community.

Bayside Gallery recently asked Lisa Sewards some questions about her studio practice and life as an artist.

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Meet artist Gregory Alexander

Gregory Alexander stands at an easel with a painting of a tree. He is surrounded by vegetation, the tree he paints is in front of him to the right.

Gregory Alexander's recent works are painted en plein air and feature iconic sites around Bayside including Ricketts Point and Green Point in Brighton. Gregory is interested in depicting his immediate locale and recording how the landscape transforms over several months as a result of changes in weather and light. This process of documentation provides local audiences with a unique insight into the subtle changes that occur throughout the year along the foreshore and coastal area of Bayside.

Bayside Gallery asked Gregory Alexander some questions about his art practice and his engagement with the beauty of the Bayside environment and its community.

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