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Food premises plans assessment

Are you constructing or altering a food premises?

If you are constructing a food premises or your food premises requires structural alterations, we offer a plans assessment service that provides written advice prior to the construction commencing or finalising. This will ensure the food premises complies with the structural requirements of the Food Safety Standards.

We recommend you use our Food premises design and construction guide when planning your food premises. 

It is not a statutory requirement under the Food Act to submit floor plans for assessment. However, we strongly recommend this service to ensure any proposed works comply with the Food Standards Code.

This plans assessment service may be useful to help reduce costly mistakes before the construction finalises or starts.

Your plans should

  • be drawn to a scale of not less than 1:100
  • show the layout of all fixtures and equipment
  • provide a description of materials used for surface finishes including walls, floors and bench tops
  • indicate locations of waste disposal area, bin wash area, storage areas and toilets.

How long does it take?

The submitted plans are processed and endorsed within 20 working days. We will then assess your plans and notify you in writing once your plans have been endorsed. An endorsed copy of the plans will be returned to you and then you can commence works, provided all other necessary permits have been obtained.

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