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Shopping centre event and celebration program

The Shopping Centre Event and Celebration Program provides grants to Trader Associations and community groups within Bayside to conduct events, or hold celebrations which benefit the local economy and community.

What is the program?

The program provides funding for events and celebrations in shopping centres. To be successful, the event should:

  • Contribute to the economic well-being of the shopping precinct
  • Raise the level of engagement with residents and community groups

What are the benefits to traders?

Traders benefit from holding street events under the program through:

  • Additional footfall to the centre
  • Opportunities for specialised on-street/in store promotions
  • Promotion of the centre overall as a distinct and vibrant precinct to encourage follow-up visitation

Traders Associations are encouraged to work with local community groups, in planning and delivery of the event. Groups such as, service clubs, schools and historical societies can assist in creating a successful event.

For more information on the process

Please review our program Guidelines:

    How do I apply?

    Before submitting an application, discuss your event with us. We can give you advice on addressing key selection criteria, which permits are required and how to maximise attendance. 

    You can contact the Economic Development Unit on:


    (03) 9599 4444


    Application and Acquittal forms

    The Application form outlines your proposed event  and asks for key information which we will review. 

      The Acquittal form is used to disclose all sources of income and costs relating to the event.