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Support for business during the COVID-19 pandemic

Our COVID-19 small business economic response included:

  • Fee waivers for food, health and street trading permits
  • Fee waivers for open space/trainer permits for local commercial gyms, Pilates and yoga studios to operate in our parks.
  • Rent deferrals for commercial tenants of Council owned buildings
  • Rent assistance to commercial tenants
  • Access to Council’s Hardship Policy to property rates on commercial properties where their business has been extensively impacted
  • Support and information for all food, health and beauty businesses to transform their operations within COVID-19 health and safety guidelines
  • Online tools to support businesses to develop e-commerce online services
  • Promotional campaigns for local traders and activity centres
  • Fast tracking payment of Council invoices to support our valued suppliers.

Australian Government support

Find out about the COVID-19 support available to businesses from the Australian Government

Victorian Government support

Find out about COVID support and information available to businesses from the Victorian Government.