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Upcoming Events in Family Services

The Family Service's Team facilitates a range of events throughout the year. On this page, find key dates to put in your calendar such as celebration events like Children's Week or when to register for kindergarten.

You can Register for Kindergarten 2023 from 1 May, 2022. Registrations received up until 19 June will be processed in the first round of offers, 11 July. Registrations received after 19 June will be processed in the second round of offers, on 25 July or the third round, on 8 August.

Children's Week 2022 will be celebrated from 20 October to 30 October. We will be adding event details closer to October. Please check back or join our subscription list for notifications. 

The 2022 Open Weekend has ended. For tours of an early year's service, please contact the service directly. This is an annual event so please check back early 2023 for next year's date or join our subscription list for notifications.