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Half Moon Bay beach accessibility

Beach matting unavailable

Due to weather and wave conditions eroding the beach, access matting will not be in place at Half Moon Bay until further notice.

We are working with the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning regarding beach renourishment. The renourishment works should mean a more stable beach.

Beach access matting is, however, in place at Hampton Beach.

water meeting the sand at the beach

Find out about road access, accessible car spaces, pathways, toilets and beach access at Half Moon Bay, Black Rock.

Half Moon Bay is a small but popular beach. It is well known for the wreck of the Cerberus which sits a few hundred metres off the shore.

Road access

Road access to Half Moon Bay is from Beach Road, down Cerberus Way.


There are 3 accessible car spaces in the lower car park. One is adjacent to the beach.

Beach access

From the car park there is a sealed path to the beach and the life saving club.

Beach access mat

There is a 30m beach access mat leading to the water.


There are standard accessible toilets with room for changing attached to the life saving club. There is an accessible path leading to them. There is no hoist or adult change table here.

Floating beach wheelchairs

How to use the wheelchair

Read how to safely use the chair and other requirements before booking.

Book a beach wheelchair

Beach wheelchairs are available at Half Moon Bay and Hampton Beach during the times that the beaches are patrolled by the life saving clubs. This is generally between noon and 5pm on Saturdays and Sundays in December, January and February.

Please book at least 48 hours ahead of time.

Call to enquire

(03) 9555 4444 in business hours.