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How do I get a public event or entertainment permit?

Indoor and outdoor public events require a permit to certify the venue or site is safe and appropriately set up before it can be used for public entertainment. Find out if you need a place of public entertainment (POPE) permit and how to apply.

Is my event or meeting considered public entertainment?

If the general public can attend your event or meeting, regardless of whether it is paid or free, indoor or outdoor, then it is considered public entertainment. For example, events like a kids carnival, outdoor cinema, music concert, fun run or community march are all considered public entertainment.

When is a permit required?

A Place of Public Entertainment (POPE) permit is needed when you are holding public entertainment in an indoor or outdoor area more than 500m2. You’ll also need siting approval to set up temporary structures like some seating stands, marquees, tents, booths and a stage.

There are some exemptions for community-based organisations. We recommend that you give us a call so we can advise what permits you may need.

The Victorian Building Authority has a practice note on occupancy permits for places of public entertainment that provides further information.

How do I get a POPE permit?

To apply for a POPE permit complete and submit the relevant application form and pay the fee:

The permit must be obtained at least 2 months before the event or meeting.

Most POPE permit applications are processed within 15 days, however for larger, more complicated events please allow additional time.