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Collections in other languages

We cater for 7 community languages in its Languages Other Than English (LOTE) collection.



Held at Brighton library.


Held at Brighton library.


Held at Brighton library.


Held at Brighton and Beaumaris libraries.


Held at Brighton and Sandringham libraries


Held at Brighton library.


Held at Hampton library.

The LOTE collection for adults and children includes:

  • fiction books
  • non-fiction books
  • DVDs
  • newspapers
  • magazines
  • online resources.

Other resources are available through the Public Libraries Victoria Network's Multicultural Libraries and Adult Literacy Resources page.

The online resources that are useful for people who read in other languages are;

  • PressReader is the most convenient and complete way to read all your favourite newspapers and magazines on one site. Users have access to publications from within the library, from home and around the world on the day they are published.
  • BBC Languages offers different services including learning a new language, facts and phrases from other languages, school languages information and different languages in sport.